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I need someone near to an old Cadillac!

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I must have 7 BOLTS and washers off a cadillac between the 1954 and 1962 with the 390 motor...
Who can help me?

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Someone has to be near at least one old caddy motor.....
OK.... I'm back..... I need 3 timing cover bolts in good condition....
The 4 studs and washers that hold the intake on, (there are 8 bolts but I only need the center 4 the center 4 special washers cuz they're THICK.
8 matching original valve cover bolts in decent condition....

Is this going to be do'able?

[email protected]

Like sands through the hourglass, so goes the money into this damn truck!

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I'll give him a buzz... 10 hours? what state are they in? I got friends from Here to Seattle to Ohio....

I'm nearly 10 hours from portland as well... Went to SweetHome last month for my dad's Birthday party...
Gotcha! I hope you get the job, but not because I need the bolts and washers....
Tried that link but all the screen did was "blink"....

Still not working.... WTF is happening to me?????????????
I even looked them up on google and clicked that link and NOTHING.... DAMMITTTTTTTTT...
Can you get me a phone # Stang?

That link AND website is still not available to my computer for some damn reason... Anyhow... When you get to that Caddy motor back home, let me know if the VC's are in good ondition or not. Mine are straight but have large pitts all over the top and i need another set... These are Block letter's not scrolling... (one look at the VC and you'll know what I'm talking about)

Thanks Fellers!

That would be sweet but it's a Perfect Original '60 Coupe I'm restoring the motor for, I can't have anopther one, yet...

Thanks for all that work man!

WHat about a Phone # for Dan at the Bigfin place? My computer still won't open that page, not even when I type it directly into my adress bar.......

1 - 13 of 24 Posts
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