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I purchased a set of AFR 185 cylinder heads off of a classified message board on last May 16th from a guy in Canada and never received them. He told me he sent them and sent me a boggus trackin # from Purolator (had too many nimbers in the tracking #). Then he said he would file a claim and we e-mailed back and forth for a few months and something about the check taking 21 days to clear because it was Canada. Anyway, he gave me so many bull**** excuses that I finally posted some messages about him on some other boards and found out that he had ripped off other people in the exact same way. He is a total scammer and a ripoff artist and I was iving him the benefit of the doubt. The uys over at have a big discussion about him and he is a complete ripoff ass****!!!!! I am fuming that I was so naive and let it go so long. Do not do business with him, he will take your money and screw you! His name is:

Remo (Ray) Innamorati
Nepean, ON XCanada
K2C 3Y9

# 613-321-6231

e-mail [email protected]

I paid $1,150 for the heads and I just found out today that some guy on Coral net got the heads I purchased from him while he was scamming my money and telling me that the heads were sent and lost by Purolator and that he would do everything he could do to straighten things out. What a F.U.C.K.I.N.G. liar! I hope that I can somehow possibly get my money back by contacting the police in Canada or by some other legal means. This guy is a scumbag. Beware and don't do any business w/ him.
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thanks for the heads up. what an a-hole. how did you pay???? hopefully not money order....I hope you get this resolved.
Thanks. Unfortunatelyt I did pay w/ a U.S. Postal money order. I have heard that some people were able to recover some money from him, but from what I have heard, he is in jail right now. This guy has really made me miserable by never sending the heads I needed for my engine project and making me go out and spending more money on another set of heads and also just plain lying and stealing from me! I can't believe people actually operate like this. If I advertise something on a message board, it is just like ebay to me. That person will get exactly what I am selling in a timely manner. Just goes to show that there will always be scumbags out there. I did contact The Royal Canadian Mounted Police today along with talking to some guys on the other forums and I am going to go after him and make his life miserable. -Mike


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Why don't you contact the Royal Seated Police? Their car's can catch the guy faster than the horses could... LOL

I hope they nail that bastard hard!

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that sucks bigtime,good luck getting anything back.from my experience these scumbags usually have nothing and no respect for anyone....i had a similar thing happen a few years ago and looking back,all you can really do is put it down to experience and move on-i ended up getting very twisted and had to let it go for my own sanity.but if you know where he is id be finding out what can be done legally to try and recover your of luck..
If you can't recover your money, hopefully your case will at least add to this scumbag's jail time.
If it was a US Money Order he can't cash it Canada. It needs to be an International money order. You should see if the Post Office can do anything about it at your end.

Nepean eh?....More reasons to hate Ottawa..... Stu
I almost got scammed but I backed off after the guy refused to talk over the phone or use paypal. Not only that he had no rep on the sight. I won't deal with people unless I know I can trust them for sure.
Hey blown68,

let's pay the $hithead a visit in person. I bet we get the dough back.

I read about this guy on Stangnet, apparently he's in jail already. Wouldn't hurt to check and make sure I suppose.

edit: thats supposed to be s.t.a.n.g.n.e.t.


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Yeah, I e-mailed a guy named Ian on one of the other boards who lives near that ass**** in Canada. He helped another guy get things straightened out over a bad Paxton blower deal. He told me he was in jail until about July.
WTF guys, Dont you have good bats over there? That´s how to solve incidents like that when nothing else works.
Andersson, he lives more than a couple hundred miles away, or I'm sure that would have been done a time or two....
He's in jail now. I am in contact w/ several guys who have been ripped off by him and when he gets out in December he will be getting a visit from one of us.
I had a similar loss on ebay.

I paid non-credit-card paypal.

Contacted ebay - no help: although they will reimburse you a few hundred bucks.

Contacted local police (Hawaii): no help. I think they were laughing at me on the phone as I tried to explain to them one of their citizens scammed me for $1,000 over the internet. I had the guys address, name and phone number - they did nothing but refer me back to ebay. The police were a joke.

Then I searched the guy on the internet. I made him aware I new his sons name (through birth anoucements in local papers), his wifes name, his parents name... I emailed his parents (politely)...within a week I had my money back.

I'm not saying to threaten the guy but people respond when you seem to have initmate knowledge of them.
Just surfed by your post. I can get you some phone # if you are interested. I would assume that the OPP (our version of the State Police) would be the first to contact. If this was done over the postal system, I would assume mail fraud would be a consideration. You can PM me if you want me to make some calls. Cheers
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