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I Wanna Rumble! Exhaust Question

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Shhhh, did you hear that? hear what? yep the Galaxies running, but you couldn't tell by the muffler.

I feel the need for some rumble, right now it's sitting with a stock single exhaust system I stole off the Merc to get me to the muffler shop. What I am looking for is a deep rumble almost un-noticable at an idle (RV style cam) but comes awake a bit when your into the throttle. I still want to hear myself think when I'm on the Turnpike.


I know of course dual with H pipe and exit out the back.
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Flowmaster just installed a "U Fit Dual Kit" on a stock Galaxie.
We also put on on our Project MX, check it out and play the sound clips

I think that'd be the ideal system, take it to an exhaust shop and get it welded in!
I am running Vortex mufflers through duals hooked to FPA headers. I love it. You know its not your grandma car but it isn't as obnoxious as a pro street.
I am running 2 1/2 (non-mandrel) thru Flowmaster Delta Flow 40's with FPA headers. My 390 has a Comp 270H so it does have a bit of a "lope". It has a noticable idle and really talks to ya when you get on it. There is a very mild drone about 1600rpm, but I turn 2500rpm or better on the hiway with no drone whatsoever......

390, flow master 50's all the way 2.5" ,h-pipe, fpa tri-y's. absolutely the best sounding exhaust hands down. mild at idle, but sweet sounding at cruise, and badass wot. drove it on a 5000 mile road trip(18 hour drives at a time) and never once got annoying, hell i was addicted to the sound never got old.
I like my Dyno-max's after the x pipe. Flowmasters are too tinny for me. JMO
I sure would like to hear more sound clips for comparison. Right now I have duals (looks like 2&quot
with an H pipe through some huge street mufflers. Sounds smooth, but that is it just smooth.
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does anyone make x - pipes for our cars? i didnt want to have one welded up. but its looking like i might have too. I was going to try those purple hornies dumped glass packs straight off the headers but im thinking itll be definately a little loud. but just temporary
Is there any difference in the equalization between an H and an X pipe?
On 2006-02-28 11:18, v8shadow wrote:
Is there any difference in the equalization between an H and an X pipe?
The H is for low end. X is for full range. But it will shine a lil more on the top end.
I had a offroad X pipe on my 01 Cobra and it gained everywhere!
Another new thing learned.
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