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I am new here and new to Fords. I have a '66 Cutlass that I recently restored with a hopped up 425 big block and a '68 442 with a 455. I have been into Oldsmobiles for a long time but just recently a '64 Thunderbolt caught my eye. I concluded it's one of the baddest cars I've ever seen.

I know virtually nothing of Fords but am determined to build a clone of the Thunderbolt at least from the outside.

Where would I obtain a 427? Would a different engine be a better powermaker? How are iron Ford heads for making power? Which engine has parts more readily available?

I'm looking to build a very fast street car with an occasional trip down the strip.

Any advice on where to start would be great.



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You can get a 427 in many many places if you have the ca$$$h!
Making more power? Sure, a stroked 460 would leave the 427 in the dust...
You can get an all aluminum FE 427 from some whacko I heard on some site somewhere but they're 30K dollars I think.... maybe it's not all aluminum, but it's damn expensive...
Start with a lot of money!

Welcome to the FM Forums, the fella's here will be more than glad to help you in your endeavors, as will I should you need me.

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