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The uploading pics is a great idea as photpoint is unreliable and i think D.T said they may have gone out of business???
My next idea is one which i think will get a lot of support and that is being able to post articles from older magazines that are of interest.To be more specific i have some c4 articles i have scanned and have been sharing by email with the guys on this site but it would be cool for everyone to see them.(Sorry dark7068 but i didn't forget yours but it wouldn't send for some reason.) 89COUPE has some c4 info/articles also that would be of interest too and i have some excellent tips/articles that TimR has shared with me. .
The c4 auto seems to have a lot of followers .Perhaps we could email them to you for publication similar to the c4/c10story in the archives that i posted some time ago or maybe add to that section.Just so as not to get in trouble with copyright we should say where they came from.There was a 460 site a while ago that had a lot of engine articles from various mags and it made for interesting reading.
Hope this helps...
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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