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On 2004-08-12 14:35, qtrmiler wrote:
I kinda like it the way it is. I agree there's too much involved with seperating forums further. Do like the link idea but if it's to a business, they need to offer a discount. Would like to see group purchases start here, other than that this place is as good as I could hope for! Keep it up
I'm with Rick on this. The message board software works well, there are enough separate forums, the site is easy to navigate and I wouldn't change a thing! I do a bit of web design on the side and this is the best organized websites I've ever seen. I was gonna suggest a weekly newsletter possibly, but hell, we're all here every day anyway...


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What a blast from the past!! I wrote this almost 3 years ago.

I saw my name as the last poster on this thread and thought someone hacked my account because I didn't remember it.


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