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Decided to cruise around in my Torino today, it was chilly outside, but that made for some pretty good extra power.
Anyways, Im driving down the street and this other guy in a `69 Torino GT (mine is a `71 GT) comes racing up beside me and shooting high RPM revs at me!
I played it cool and just cruised, and the guy was cruising beside me, looking at me with that "I dare you" kind of look

So there was no traffic in front of us, I checked all my mirrors for any signs of cops and seen nuthin!
We were pacing each other at about 30 MPH, and when we both made eye contact, it was on!!
He punched it and I punched it....he was able to hang with me for most of 1st gear, but when I grabbed 2nd, I was pulling on him pretty good

By 3rd gear, he was a solid 2 car lengths behind me!! LOL.
I let off so I wont overdue it on the street, and we cruised a little while longer side by side......he would'nt make eye contact with me after that!!

We turned off on our separate ways and I felt pretty good.....good enough to share with all my FM (and Torino) buds!!

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Sounds good. Just watch out where you do that. Kids like to run out of nowhere and you'd never forgive yourself. He's was any kid of a man, he'd given you a thumbs up for your car. Or stop and talk with you.
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