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I wanted to know how much Alan's new Ranchero weighed and looked in 4 different places and found 4 different numbers... too confusing, so I did the easy thing...I went to the city trash dump. When you drive in, you pull up on a scale used by the city garbage trucks that is always left on. I think it is accurate within +/- 5 lbs. because I have stood on it with no car on it and it said I was 233 when my bathroom scale said 230.

Here's exactly what Alan has: 1976 Ford Ranchero 500, stock 351M (not a Windsor), FMX automatic (cast iron), 4-link 9" rear, Chevy Astro leather third row bench seat, no spare tire/wheel, no jack or lug wrench, no interior carpet, door skins, trim panels.

With a FULL 26 gallon gas tank, no cargo, and a 230 lb driver sitting in it: Exactly 4300 lbs.

Gross 4300

minus driver, 230 = 4070,

minus gas 163 (26 gal X 6.25/gal) = 3907 empty weight.

For comparison, on the same scale, with the same driver (me): 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 RWD Reg/short 5.2 Magnum V8, 46RE automatic with approx 100 lbs of tools and regular gear and under 5 gal of gas in it. 4780 lbs.
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