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I originally had a Mallory dual point and stock coil on my 289. Ran well, but got tired of playing with points and got a good deal on a Jacob's Electronics kit. Swapped in Jacob's Electronics Ultra Coil, and Jacob's PRO-10 box. Ran smoother and no longer fouled plugs, but had less gittyup off the line.

I then swapped in a '79 Mustang Duraspark distributor to elliminate erratic timing. (Real cause turned out to be a cracked chromed distributor hold down.)

After a few reliable years, the car is running terribly. Before taking a nose dive, it had less than expected power before 2000 RPM.

I am thinking about swapping to MSD, but don't know whether it is the dizzy or the box that is giving me fits.

Any suggestions? Any tips on how to tell if my dizzy pickup is bad?
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