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Greetings from Phoenix, AZ!
I'm looking for a set of the hubcaps that Ford used on several different models from 1970 until 1973, I believe. I know by simply changing the center cap, these covers could be used on various models. I know they also came in 14" and 15" versions.
I located a set on-line, but they need to be restored. I have several questions...
1 - How far can they be disassembled for restoration? Does the trim ring separate from the center section? Can the chrome "lug nuts" and trim (triangular) for the five slots be removed for new paint?
2 - What color, or colors, most accurately replicate the original colors?
3 - If a trim ring is damaged, are there any reproductions that would work that are intended for a wheel? If so, what modifications need to be made?
4 - If I switch to repro 15" rings, is that all I need to do to use these caps on a 15" wheel?
5 - These caps will be used on a Torino or a Cyclone. What center caps were used for these two models?
6 - Would repro caps made for Magnum 500 wheels or maybe the earlier 1965-'67 styled steel wheel work? What modifications need to be made?
Can you help with one or more of these caps in good condition? If you only have parts like original trim rings or center caps, that would be fine. Although I think the Magnum wheels are absolutely beautiful on these cars, I also like having components like the hubcaps on my car because they're not often seen.
I appreciate any help and advice that anyone can offer.
Fords Forever,
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