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I've probably spent between $300-400 thousand over the
course of 20 years on aftermarket high performance
equipment. I think I may have finally come upon the
worst installation instructions ever. My current project
is installing Edelbrock's Pro-Flo fuel injection on a
'68 Mustang. I've been working on it for the past 3 days.
Holy crap is the manual bad. First off, their manual
skips between background theory and installation procedures.
Worse yet, it skips around through the installation
process. Pictures/photos are about 25% helpful. Details
are omitted, causing you to look at wiring schemetics to
figure things out. Tomorrow I've got to call their tech
people because the last remaining connector- a four way
weatherpack into another four way doesn't line up. The
wire colors don't match and in the positions that two
of the wires are in, they don't make contact when the
plugs are connected. And I'm just thinking to myself,
"all this fun for only $2500!"
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