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It really isn't that tough. I replaced my first intake, carb, cam, and heads in a weekend, with the motor still in the car. The part that took me a while was adjusting the rockers and putting in the distributor. First had the rockers WAY too tight, none of the valves closed at all. Strangest sound trying to start a car with zero compression. Then dist was in backwards and backfired all that unburned fuel. Sounded like a damn bomb. All the neighbors came running out, stared at me, and shook their heads and walked away. (I was 17) Turned dist around, tried again, and I guess some of the valves still weren't closing, because my carburetor turned into a flame thrower. Once I figured out what the hell was going on, ten more minutes adjusting, and it fired right up. You can do it, no problem. Just don't overtighten the rockers!
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