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I came home last night and found my son working on his 1994 Probe. He had removed the instrument cluster, pulled all the needles off the gauges and was installing a white faced gauge kit.

He had everything put together but when he started the car, none of the gauge reads correctly. After some fiddling around, I managed to get the speedo and tach set properly but the other gauges stil do not operate correctly.

With the car running, we positioned the fuel, temp, oil pressure, and charge needles in their operating location. Car was warmed up to operating temperature and I filled his gas tank up to make sure we were getting proper readings.

When we shut the car off, these 4 needles all try and drop below where they were set originally (prior to modification). The temp gauge actually drops down and bottoms against the cluster case.

My question is, what is the proper procedure for setting the gauges back up if the needles have been removed?

Any help wil be greatly apprciated.
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