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I recently purchased a 1966 Ford Mustang. The car was original with a 200ci straight six and I would like to beef it up. The car will not go to the track just the weekend cruiser and the occasional weekend get away car. I am in the planning stage of an engine buildup and I want to make sure that the plan is a good one. The whole measure twice cut once idea. I have a 302 that wasgiven to me. It was taken out of a 1994 Ford Bronco that cam stock with roller lifters. I can not find the factory engine specs on the 302. I plan on making it a 331 Stroker with a kit from or I am trying to keep the project low cost by using a set of cast iron GT-40 heads that I picked up from the junkyard. Can I use my stock pushrods, rockers, cam and lifters? Or will I need to buy new ones? I would like to get at least 300-350hp out of the engine but I am on a budget. What should I do? Thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions.

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Just be carefull of the gt40 heads, If they are the 'P' style, or the explorer heads, then you might not be able to get headers for them in your mustang. Not sure. They have a relocated plug that interferes with standard headers or manifolds. The standard GT40 '93 Cobra heads are a perfect fit and an awesome factory heads , but they are rare. Whatever heads you use you need to do some clean up on the ports as they will choke a 331 stroker, Hell they choke a 302. If you DO have GT40 Cobra heads then sell them ( in used condition they are worth upwards of $500 depending on the market. and they have 3 lines in the front of the head. explorer heads have 4 )
Then get some assembled aftermarket heads. Theres a place here in SIMI VALLEY calif

thats selling the GT-40 “TURBO-SWIRL” heads for 800 a pair assembled and he has dozens of them.
Otherwise you might want to put a stock mustang roller,E303 or B303 ford roller cam and just use some pedestal crane cobra roller rockers. You can reuse your pushrods and roller lifters, just make sure there clean and all the rollers are smooth. The Mustang Roller has around .444 lift and I THINK 218 deg duration. The E303 is a higher lift cam with about .498 lift @ 220 deg. Good for auto trans. The B303 has .480 lift 225 deg duration. and likes a man trans, Or 'hot' 2800 rpm convertor auto trans.
For low buck id sell the truck efi stuff on ebay to make a few dollars, then go carb with a nice performer RPM or RPM AIR GAP manifold. Stay away from a single plane as they dont have the torque curve for smooth driveablitity that a dual plane has.
Carb choices run the gamut . Holley 570 avenger, Speed Demon 575, Road Demon 525, Edelbrock 600 or 500, just to name a few .Your selection depends on the cam you choose.
Spend the extra money on some ceramic coated or stainless headers. Uncoated headers will burn the paint off in a week and rust forever till they fall apart in a year or two. ( My experiance.)
Dont forget the transmission or the rest of the driveline, Not saying you have to go out and get all new or high performance, but you have to make sure that everythings in good shape before your push 350hp +into them. I dont think your 6 cly trans will handle a normal 302 let alone a 331 with near 340 ft lbs tq.
Sorry I went off on a tangent, but hope helped some.
Good luck

71 Pinto,5.0 Roller block,B303,1.7 Rockers,Crane beehives'68 302 portednpolished heads. Cut n re-welded,coated Must II headers,Rpm Airgap,Holley 570,Msd dist steel gear,Crane HI6

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Sell all the EFI stuff or you'll have to get it from the Bronco to make the engine run at all, let alone run right. PITA. Cam is good just the heads need a little work. JetHot coat a good set of long tube headers. Remember the more HP to get out of the engine the more maintanence you have to do on it. A mild one is easier to drive and allot less work all the time. Put a windage tray while you have the pan off. New trans because the old one won't live long. AOD would be a good cruise trans with a 525 Jr Demon, elec chock and Ford kick down for the trans.
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