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After five months of slowly rebuilding the motor and a few other things, the car's alive again.

Got the upper intake bolted down finally, hooked up the final few hoses and wires, put the clutch quadrant in and adjusted the clutch, finished wiring up the electric fan, filled up the radiator, and turned the key.

I was surprised really, it fired up almost instantly. I had to take the distributor back out and rotate it a little so I could get the timing right but other than that, it runs good.

So far, I drove the car about 60 miles in stop and go traffic and had no problems. I didn't baby it too much, I revved it up a few times and got on the throttle a couple times leaving the stop lights. I am surprised how much power it has. Especially at higher RPM. I guess the new roller rockers and port work are paying off.

No leaks yet. The shiny chrome headers I put on are tarnishing already... The fan works great. There is a slight ticking coming from the left side. I will drive it a little more and adjust the rockers to see if that's it. I don't see or smell any exhaust leaks. It surged a little at first but once the timing got set right and the computer started learning again, it smoothed out.

So now what? Any tips or suggestions for the break in period?
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