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I'm trying to improve the idle on my 65 Mustang. It's a 200ci straight six with a 2 barrel carb, headers, RV cam etc. No hot rod, but it makes a good commuter and gets decent mileage. The main issue I have with it is the idle. I bought a mileage master based on my reading of Chris Jacobs' book and recommendation from there that an optimized ignition can light a leaner mixture and fire through fouled plugs.

Now that I have the unit, it looks like Mr. Gasket has bought the company and modified the design. A sticker on the side of the box says "analog CD" even though the book and even the box (which has not been updated) talks about sophisticated spark profile control to help optimize the spark under different conditions.

I called the tech line today, and the tech didn't seem to know much about the system or the differences between the mileage master and the pro street.

Does anyone here know anything about these systems? If it's just an analog CD, there's lots cheaper systems out there.
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