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So, Mr. Allison has pasted? Rest in Peace JC and let the Vusic play.

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And a link to the obit, shortest writing I've seen related to JC. Would of loved to have seen one written by him, would of been quite a tale I bet!! RIP JC!
James Clinton Allison (

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I happened to remember several years ago I had actually found an obituary that JC himself wrote. I am sure he won't mind that I share it now that he actually has passed on! He is the only one that could truly capture who he really was in obituary form. He was a many of many talents and saw and did many things.


11/1/99 AllisonWonderland
For immediate release:

James Clinton Allison, 60, succumbed last night to a ruptured esopogeal
varacies. He was pronounced dead at 11:59 p.m. by paramedics who had
been called to his secluded cottage. He was conscious of what was
happening to the very end.

Mr. Allison had been valiantly battling a particularly virulent
auto-immune liver disease called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, since having
been diagnosed with it on December 1, 1998, at which time he had been
given no hope of survivng past June 1, 1999.

It was only because of his robust good health prior to contracting PBC,
coupled with his joyously playful and happy attitude toward life, which
combined to confound the doctors by helping him to survive, much to
their amazement, for five months longer than they expected.

He is survived by a sister, and mother, both of whom live in California.

Since becoming aware of his impending demise, at the cruel hand of the
PBC, Mr. Allison, forced into isolation by his medication, spent most of
his time finishing up pending projects that he had contracted to do.

For entertainment, he posted to <alt.solipsism> mainly as
AllisonWonderland, but also as countless other alter egos, and was well
known for his recognition of wit and humor.

Mr. Allison seldom revealed the scope of his influence, but since the
early 1940s when he was a child-prodigy, playing violin with major
symphony orchestras at the age of seven, through the 50's and 60's when
he was a studio musician/song writer in Hollywood, to being the founder
and creative genius behind an advertising organization in Houston, who
produced the advertising for many well known products and services.

Mr. Allison founded the AllisonWonderland Concert Lightshow in 1967 and
in the ensuing years worked in the concert industry, providing
lightshows for a list of performers and bands that read like a who's who
of the music industry. He invented, designed, built and performed on a
number of 'vusic" instruments, among them, the Crystalume, Liqualume,
and Mirimbalume.

Being one of but a handfull of people in the world who are "Profoundly
Synaesthetic", gave Mr. Allison a genuinely mystical, distinct
advantage, when it came depth of perceptions. His seeming uncanny
ability to ascertain the actual basis for what he percieved, made him a
much sought after consultant, working for a number of major
corporations, making what were called, confidential investigative

Mr. Allison was also a Student of Life, and a Solipsist. As a last
contribution, his body was donated to the medical facility where he was
being treated for his liver condition.

As word has spread this morning of Mr. Allison's passing, e-mails from
his students, friends and fans are starting to come in from all over the

Respectfully submitted:
Washington Lincoln

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Although Lorrie Van Haul was not a Ford we did know of her. This is what became of the ol girl. He did have some plans for a resurrection of sorts after the tornado but am sure he didn't get the time to do so. Poor ol Lorrie

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I am a hoarder through and through!! If I hadn't lost a hard drive I had many of his stories from around the www including his sock puppet friends! LOL

You are my favorite hoarder of things useful Deb Demele! And That鈥檚 one of the reasons I love you!!!!

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I have been on this site for years, was under a different name in the early years. But I remember when JC first started posting. They weren't posts, they were stories, and he sucked everyone into his stories. I really enjoyed reading them and hearing about what he was doing. He will be missed.....

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Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes indeed they were stories, he was a brilliant mind and a thorough writer. His lorry van haul micro tonsil carburetor rebuild thread was intense. 馃槀馃槀

who were you back in the day Smith?
I think I was under cpike. I took some time off due to my work load eating up my free time.

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Yikes! I did not know about the Lorrie. Did the Galaxie meet the same fate?

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That is awesome. So JC will live on through the 3.14159.
Are you coming to Houston? Is there anything I can do to facilitate the transfer?
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