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Cruising through the pickapart in the Big Ford isle when I catch a glimpse of 61 or 62 Galaxie front fenders poking out. My heart races a little as I go to check it out and it is a 1962 XL Convertible.
Sadly it is a mess. Looks like it was in a garage fire. Looks like it was somebody's project car as it is partially disassembled.
I looked for convertible specific parts I could salvage. The front convertible header was a bit rusted but was also bent a little from the garage roof collapsing, tried to get it off anyway but the aluminum section it bolts to had melted into it seizing it up. Crawled under it to see if maybe the floor and trunk braces were salvagable but they are badly rusted as is the foot wells of the back seat. Most every thing else was badly burnt, most potmetal was just molten lumps. I was salvaging the stainless trim from the console and decided to take the whole console, shifter and all it was cheap enough. Only other thing I got was some replacement rear quarter panels that were sitting loose in the back seat. I might go back and see if the core support is any good. I suppose I should grab the 9" just because.
A sad ending for what was an elegant Gal.
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