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Howdy folks,
I'm about to purchase a 351w roller block for 450 (I'm going to try to get it for 300 but 450 is asking)
This is going to be my first build so I'm not going for the best most expensive parts, most horsepower, ect... so my "plan" is to build a 387 stroker, use stock 351 rods and 302 pistons, or would it be cheaper to get a kit with aftermarket stuff? Stock GT40 or GT40P heads whatever I find in the local pullapart, and a truck manifold, this is going into my 93 f150 which currently has a stocker 302, later on I'll upgrade heads, cam, intake, but I don't have that sort of money right now. It's going to have to run on regular, plus and premium cost too much around here to allow that.

This is going to be a learn as I go thing too so some snafus probably will happen that I'll have to rectify.

So what are some suggestions for this build, like I said not trying for max HP right now just trying to get more than the 302 makes so I know intake and head choice is kinda low end but tryna doing it cheap for now.
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