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The Volvo part acts as the main relay. You still need an ignition relay, possibly an AC relay, fuse and fuse holder, thermal switch (as mentioned), wiring, and connectors. These parts will add to the cost, but the two-speed controller is really trick.

This is an interesting writeup:

Wiring 2 speed fan with volvo relay. - SyTy/SGT - Forums

Wished I had known about this when I was installing a Mark VIII fan on my F-150.
Looks like that would work well. And would be cheap to copy.

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Maybe someone who is running the Volvo unit will do a "how to install/wire the Volvo fan controller" write up.
I alott of guys, who would certainly look at it as a cheap alternative, myself included, if the flexalite VSC ever cack's out on me.
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