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What all have you done to it?
new 1996 explorer 306 reman engine from ford
stock Gt40 heads
comp cams XE270HR part nr ( 35-351-8)
edelbrock air gap performer intake
holley 650 (needs a little more fine tuning)
C4 with streetfighter valvebody
cheap 2000 stall converter (sucks for dragracing) good for daily driving

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That is doing pretty good. I'm also interested in what gear's you have.

I would like my old 79 F150 to be able to run 15's. I just put 3.25 gears in and it made a big difference from the stock 2.75's. I had the converter loosened some when the transmission was rebuilt.

The only thing left I plan to do is some sort of headers and improve the exhaust system. I am still running a 2 barrel carb. My truck is my main driver and also tows my race car so I would like to get as good gas mileage as I can with it. I get 17 or 18 cruising on the interstate at 65. I generally drive it like a dragster around where I live though.
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