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launching with a trans-brake

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Hi all.... I just got some dot slicks for my fairlane so I can now hook up my trans-brake and try racing with it.(I didnt bother before because I was soooo traction limited there woulda been no point)

I have a 3000rpm stall( actually does stall out at about that) and I'd like to know what the best technique is for launching on the brake. whats the "procedure"? what difference in launch should I expect? anything "funny" I should be prepared for?

my combo:
351w lots of go-fast goodies 6500rpm redline
c-6 3000 stall full manual reverse pattern
quicktime pros
4:11 gear
previous best: 12.59 @ 111 (2.06 60f) thru the mufflers

thanx, ron
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what axles do you have? with that stall, i wouldnt worry about 2 stepping the motor on the brake. stage, press the button, gas to the floor on 1st yellow, let go on 3rd yellow, (got delay box? then go to the floor & release brake on first yellow).
if you have oem axles, be ready for car to do a hard turn on launch when one breaks. sooner or later it will happen.
also, do you have a front driveshaft loop? if not, get one. you are about to stress your whole drive train a whole lot more that ever before. driveshaft, u-joints, u-joint bolts, axles, etc.
if you do now have good traction, be ready to be slammed in the back when it leaves and just be ready for anything until you learn how the car acts on the brake. lock left arm on armrest with wheel straight. if wheels come off momentarily, do not move left arm until wheels back down on track.

Dave Shea
S/ST 1818 S/P 1018 H/R 1564

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you said 3000 stall converter? then its not designed for a transbrake & will sooner or later fail under tb usage. tb is very hard on converter, too. got trans cooler? you'll get some more heat, too.
What igo1090 said - and I'd emphasize that if you do not have a driveshaft loop now, do NOT go to the track before you install one. If it snaps a joint on the front when you launch, you might be OK but if it snaps in the back you might find it in your lap. Make sure you do a good even burnout because a 'brake has a way of identifying traction problems.
yes, i already have a loop (one of the first things i put in before i started racing)
axels are mosers (the originals were already twisting)
all new heavey duty universals
ya, the stalls a bit low but its a street car that gets raced on the track once a year(we race on our airport runway) and i wont bother with the brake if i ever happen to do some clandestine racing around town

thanx for the responses
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