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Life partner list..........

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My new girlfriend has come up with a list of things she wants in a life partner. It inspired me to do the same. We both got quite a kick out of it, and I thought a lot of you would to. It's right up a lot of our alleys.

List for my life partner

1) He/She at first glance, can tell if a bolt is metric or standard.
2) He/She actually enjoys greasy fingerprints at or near the doorknobs and light switches all over the house.
3) He/She feels that the layout of the garage is all the more important than the layout of the house.
4) He/She is able to hold a flashlight beam on a given area for an indefinite amount of time while I am fixing something………….on the cars.
5) Furniture, house wares, clothing, and entertainment are always a second to money spent on horsepower to him/her.
6) To him/her, there is always room for another car, no matter what condition it is in.
7) He/She would never choose watching romantic movies, taking romantic walks, or having romantic talks, over bagging and labeling parts.
He/She knows how to keep the garage clean and organized.
9) He/She considers TV shows that in detail describe how a man discovered, restored, and raced, his muscle car a true love story.
10) He/She is terribly against waste; she never lets a car go to the scrap yard without making sure all parts of value have been removed first.
11) He/She understands me. She always knows just how much I care ………………………about cars.
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Good list but I'm a little worried that your list for life partner has he/she...

my list would only have she's....
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