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Lincoln Mk7 rear

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I know some of you out there have done this.

I've got dibs on an '88 Mk7 w/5.0HO engine and AOD. Will more than likely use this drivetrain to swap it into a '63 Meteor/F'lane.

Need some info/help here:

How wide is the Mk7 8.8 rear w/disks compared to the stock 8" factory rear?

Will this fit under the Meteor after welding on the spring pads?
The 8.8 has a 3.27 gear with trak-loc. Axle code is E for the Mk7.

I figured this may be less expensive than buying and beefing up a 9" rear, or beefing up the 8". I also have access to a free 3.73 gear for the 8.8, never used..

Thanx in advance..

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Well, I know that there may be a couple of guys that have done this swap before. Just trying to get some info/help from experience. I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel.
LOL.. That was funny..
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