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Lincoln Mk7 rear

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I know some of you out there have done this.

I've got dibs on an '88 Mk7 w/5.0HO engine and AOD. Will more than likely use this drivetrain to swap it into a '63 Meteor/F'lane.

Need some info/help here:

How wide is the Mk7 8.8 rear w/disks compared to the stock 8" factory rear?

Will this fit under the Meteor after welding on the spring pads?
The 8.8 has a 3.27 gear with trak-loc. Axle code is E for the Mk7.

I figured this may be less expensive than buying and beefing up a 9" rear, or beefing up the 8". I also have access to a free 3.73 gear for the 8.8, never used..

Thanx in advance..

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Talkin about Fox body Stangs here, don't know how it pertains to the Flanes, but here goes.

I talked to Strange Engineering YESTERDAY. Buddy of mine has an 86 Stang (7.5 rear) and we were gonna swap in an 8.8 from a Lincoln with discs out back.

Strange told me that the Lincoln rear is COMPLETELY different, other than the center section. Axles are different, mounting points are different, etc etc.

Don't know if that helps ya out or not, but if I had "dibs" on that car you're talking about, I'd jump on it with both feet if the price was right!
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