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Lincoln Y-block

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The Lincoln Y-block has the same 4.63 bore spacing as the FE. But the LYB has a big advantage over the FE in max stroke. Block deck height ( from crank center ) : LYB 10.94, FE 10.17. Cam to crank center to center : LYB 5.152, FE 5.045. Crank rod journal : LYB 2.248, FE 2.438. The most stroke that the FE can take with stock rod journals and stroker profile rods is 4.30. The LYB should be able to take at least a 4.50 stroke.
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LYB 9/16 main bearing cap bolts, FE 1/2. LYB has deep block below crank like FE. LYB weakness is heads with small ports. Every LYB is sideoiler oiling system like FE 427.
I dont have the $ to make it happen, not yet anyway, but I was thinking of a custom cast, custom billet 541 CID LYB. 4.375 bore x 4.50 stroke, 1.50 piston pin ht, 0 deck clearance, 7.20 con rod length, 1.6 rod ratio, 10.95 block deck ht. Cross bolted main bearing caps. LYB and FE both have 10 head bolts per side, 8 of 10 in same location, LYB intake side end bolts more toward carb. LYB custom 541 block with FE head bolt pattern, use FE 427 tunnel port heads, best of both worlds.
Intake manifold would have to be custom cast. Camshaft would be custom cam from hades : half LYB features, half FE features. LYB dist + oil pump at rear, angled like big block Mopar. LYB stock valve arrangement like small block Chevy.
What do you mean by "Lincoln Y block"??
Are you speaking of the Y block engines from the 1950's?.....or the "MEL" series from the 60's??
Lincoln Y-block in cars : 1952-57 Lincoln, 1957 Mercury 317-341-368 CID. In heavy duty Ford trucks : 1952-64 279-317-302-332 CID. 302-332 had gear driven cams, one gear on crank, one gear on cam, total 2 gears.
what were the 430's? FE's?
430 is a MEL. 383-410-430-462 MEL ( Mercury Edsel Lincoln ) 1958-68. Note there was also a 410 FE.
I like you already...someone thinking outside the box! I recently became aware of the larger Lincoln Y blocks. I was under the assumption that the largest Y block was the 312, but not true. The heads were kinda cruddy especially the center siamese exhaust port if I remember correctly. Let me at 'em...port the you know what out of 'em I mean!

I spoke to several old time racers and they would say things like blowing the bottom end out of Y the Lincoln Y blocks have better reputations? 9/16 main bolts are huge!

I met a guy at the John Force Holiday show that was just a couple of cars over from mine. He had a '55-'57 T bird that was a replica daytona beach miler car and I believe it had a bigger Lincoln Y block in it.

I remember hearing that a new 1/4 mile record was set with a Y block was somewhere in the 8's.
Thank you very much, blkfrd, for your kind words. I had to deal with a heckler on another forum, you gave me a much needed lift. The main market for the 541 FE-LYB that I see is 1948-56 F-1 and F-100 pickup trucks. I floated the 541 FE-LYB to Donovan, lets see what they say. I guess the bottom end of the LYB is adequate, I havent heard anything about them blowing up. 541 would have cross bolted main caps. Really nice Mustang, blkfrd.
Is this the old 317 -368 dirivitive of the Ford 272-312 Y Block family, or the MEL 383-462 family. Yeah, I forget his name but John Mummert probably was instramental in building the engine. But he put an extensivly modifide Y-block stroker in a dragster chassis and went 8s Cool huh?
The 317, 341 and 368 Were distinctly a Lincoln engine. The 341 lasting only one year. They weren't used in any other Fords.

On 2006-03-15 09:30, oldtim wrote:
Is this the old 317 -368 dirivitive of the Ford 272-312 Y Block family, or the MEL 383-462 family. Yeah, I forget his name but John Mummert probably was instramental in building the engine. But he put an extensivly modifide Y-block stroker in a dragster chassis and went 8s Cool huh?
Nice web site and some excellent Y block tech. Ported head flow is respectable. Now I remember the unusual thing about Y blocks. The intake ports were stacked...two lower ports and two upper ports.

The center exhaust ports weren't siamese...that was some other engine.
Spring cleaning, I found copies of LYB blueprints I got a few years ago. Prints of block, head gasket, con rod, crank. So I check bore spacing. Block shows bore centers, but no dimensions between them. Head gasket shows head bolts spaced 4.62 - 4.63 - 4.62 - 4.63. Crank rod throws 4.625 apart, #2 #3 #4 mains 4.625 apart. LYB bore spacing is 4.625. No way FE heads fit LYB block. FE-LYB that I floated hit iceberg, sank, on bottom in two pieces next to Titanic. Guys on FE forum called me Dr Frankenstein, they were right.
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I've got 2 finished blocks, a couple sets of heads (1 ported), rotating assemblies and a Hilborn setup for the 430/462. I got the stuff from a guy who used to run them in boats. According to him, he was making 500-600hp with the ported sets of heads I got. It's in storage, but the stuff is stout. Maybe if I ever win the lottery...

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The 430 and 462 are MEL series ( Mercury Edsel Lincoln ) 1958-68. If I won the lottery, Id build a 4.50 bore x 4.20 stroke - 534 MEL ( same b x s as 534 Super Duty ). Note both the MEL and SD have the block deck cut at an angle ( 10* MEL - 13* SD ) with flat faced cylinder heads. The MEL and SD combustion chambers are in the block, not in the heads.
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