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Here is an ad. that I came across for a '73 Ranchero, it's worth reading.
Ford collectors LOOK CLOSE, 58k original miles '73 Ranchero 500
Ford collectors LOOK CLOSE, 58k original miles '73 Ranchero 500 - $1450

Rare find, original car, this 1973 Ford ranchero, brown in color, in perfect running condition, just turn the key and drive it anyplace. The owner was 102 years old, and his 80 year old son decided that dad had scrapped the garage door too many times, and it was time to disable dads car. Four years ago it was disabled, and when the ignition rotor was reinstalled, the key was turned, and the car started as if it was just parked the night before. It has zero smoke on start, it starts in an instant, and it truely drives like a 58k original car, with zero play in the steering and brakes that stop with no excuses. The tires are in good shape, and it will be due for an oil change in another thousand miles or so, or 6 years ago which ever comes first.
The both sides have minor damage the length of the car from scrapping the hell out of the garage doors and the fence on the end of the drive. The interior has just given up, I am sure that ford never designed the seats to last 34 years, and the thread is gone from the headliner. The body is all there minus the body side molding trim pieces that are probibly still laying against the garage door, but there is a few older touch up spots that are showing through, and a few minor rust spots, but the bed and tailgate are in good shape, and all the glass is perfect.
The tabs are current til end of month, I drove this car for a week or so, and it is as dependable as new, with all the items still in perfect working order, the lights, heater, and the crappy original am/ radio.
This is the chance to own an original, with super low miles, and no trailer is needed, just turn the key and drive it home. A great low mile second car or a great canidate for restoration.
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