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Lobe separation

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Hey guys,

I have a question concerning Lobe separation angles. I have a decent understanding of cams (at least I say I do) but I don't quite understand the pro's and con's to opening or tightening the LSA.

When lsa is decreased, does that mean that BOTH lobes are pivoted closer together evenly or typically one more than the other? As I understand it a tight lsa causes the intake to close sooner, which sounds good for a low output motor (at least in my head) because I would assume that you want to hang your intake open as long as possible to take advantage of the ramming effect at high rpm for a high output motor.

Also, as a general rule of thumb Popular Hotrodding says (I believe it was David Vizard) that you should decrease lsa 1* for every additional 16 cubes on a stroker. Why?

Thanx for your input guys.
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Generally if you make the lobe separation smaller, with everything else being the same, your idle will get worse and your power will move up the rpms. This is a very basic description, there are lots of variables but thats the basic idea.
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