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I know this is the galaxie forum. I am a long time owner of a 1967 galaxie, but I have always wanted a thunderbird with a 390 as well.

Opinion on this 1964 Thunderbird

I am currently looking at a 1964 thunderbird with a 390 engine. Guy wants $1k and I got him down to $800.


The 390 in it has a thrown rod. Tranny is good. Interior is pretty decent. No dents other than some prev bondo work has cracked off the passenger rear panel. The paint is faded and peeling. This car was driven up until 2008. Even comes with the shop manual.

I am good at body work/prep (not paint). I can pull the engine out and put a running 390 engine in at some point, no problem.

What do you think? Is $800 a good price? Am I better off buying one that runs for $3500+. I only have about $1k to spend right now anyways.

Your opinions are much much appreciated

Here are some pics:
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