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part# c5aa-7a247-c

If you have one you are willing to sell, please pm me.

Whilst I had sold off my original two NOS switches, I now have one more NOS and one used one. I went to the local yard this weekend to see if there were any good parts off of a '65 galaxie 500 and I was checking my bins of spare parts and found another NOS one, plus I also removed the safety switch from the '65 at the yard, took it apart, cleaned the contacts and greased it.

Here are the pictures of them both.

The used one is 50 dollars plus shipping and the NOS one (all black one) is 100 dollars plus shipping. The used one on the '65 galaxie has part number C3AA7A247-H and the NOS one is part number C5AA7A247-C

Just PM me if you're still interested, or anyone for that fact.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts