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Hi Guys... :)

I was told my another forum member that many of you guys have bought wheels from PSE (Phil Schmidt Engineering) over time, and it kinda happens that I'm in urgent need of a set of Eleanor Wheels (more specific the 17" STD GT-40 Wheel type)

So I might as well try my luck here under 65-73 Mustangs and see if any of you guys should happen to have a set sitting around waiting for me to post here :)

I'm about to finish my 67 Mustang Eleanor and this is the last thing i Need.
The measurements I need is as following:

2 x 17"/8" with 4 3/4" Backspacing
2 x 17"/9" with 5 1/2" Backspacing

With or without tires... I dont care :) I just need them and will pay good if quality is good ;)

Hope you guys can help me or maybe direct me towards anyone who might have a set for sale...
I have also made a topic in the "Wanted" section, but I might as well just ask you guys here also, since many of you might be having these wheels mounted also :)

Pm me, Post here or Mail me
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