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Looking for an \"easy\" A/T swap. 240 I6

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Yep, another Ford newb question.

Got a 66 Galaxie with a 240 I6 in it, currently it has a 3 speed manual on the floor.

I'm looking for an automatic that will bolt in, same length etc. as the manual 3. Does such a beast exist? I know I share the same bell housing bolt pattern as some of the V8's but can't find any info on tranny length differences with the search.

If a transmission does exist, what car(s) would I find one in?

Sorry, I'm sure these questions has been asked countless times, I really did try the search.

Thanks for any help!

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The 240 is the same as a 300 six. Pickups had 300 (4.9L) six cylinder motors all the way through 96, You could easly swap in a whole fuel injected 300 and transmission with the harness if you where game. I think that would be an interesting conversion.
So the A/T on the pickups would be a straight bolt-in? What I'm trying to figure out is if I need to make any driveshaft or bellhousing modifications, or butcher my floorpan terribly.


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Two things: Why would you do something like this, there are many reasons a manual set-up is better. Starting from the fact that an I-6 is not over imbued with a bunch of "extra" horsepower in the first place. Adding a power robbing auto to the mix is not going to help. The manual pedals, linkage is probably worth more, to some rodders, than most would give for the entire car. [no disrepect meant to straight six, they are a great engine, will run forever and have a lot going for them in performance too.]

On to your question. Pickup a passenger car C-4, it'll solve most of your problems.

There are more than one kind of manual transmissions that have been put into Fords. Since you have a Floor shifter, non-stock - Ford didn't put floor shifters behind I-6 passenger cars, at least not to my knowledge. So there are a few reasons to suspect the install will not fall into the bolt-on R&R catagory. You need to do some least from the engine to the transmission mount pad and from the engine to the end of the transmission, those measurements will give you the info to compare to the same distances on an Automatic.

The C-4 has been pretty much the same, externally, in length and mounting point, forever. They started messing with things when the made it into C-5, AOD and AOD-e. But given what is possible,... anything from a passenger car, sbf/I-6 until some where in the mid to late 80's should fit easily, in the same changes needed. The yoke spline count might be at issue, but easily swapped with the one from the donor vehicle.

Your job, if you choose to accept it (a little IM force flash back), is to check, by measuring what you have then compare that against the can find C-4 dimensions on the net. (see first link below)

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You can find them in 78-81 Fairmonts.With a floor shifter.
On 2006-03-24 16:23, wildosvt01 wrote:
You can find them in 78-81 Fairmonts.With a floor shifter.
You are right...I had intended to qualify that by restricing my comment to early model, Big Fords and Galaxies, but figured, since that what we were talking about, it didn't need to be mentioned again...I was wrong.

I do know that they had the option in Mustangs. I had a friend that had a 1965-66 Mustang had the I-6 (I think it was a 170 or 200) and floor shifter, I'm remebering it was a 4 speed, but it's a hazy memory. I never could figure out why he bought that car.

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I would like to see a 240, with 300 innerds, cleaned up heads, good cam, intake and headers, turbocharged, in a 66 Ford Galaxie.

Thank you for the excellent responses.

I'm glad there is an online resource of knowledgable people for this car, I'm obviously going to need a lot of help.

As to me having sort of an anomolous car, it never occured to me that it did not come from the factory with a manual. I just assumed it did. Shows how much I know. Whoever performed it did a pretty good job of it.

One of the main reasons I want to perform an A/T swap is because this car will be a commuter for the time being. In a metropolitan area, the current gearing on the car is pretty worthless. I have a pretty short 1st and 2nd, shift into 3rd at about 40 and just wind her out from there. Stop and go traffic isn't that much fun

The things is pretty damn hard to shift as well, I think the linkage could stand a rebuild and some new gear oil put in the box, it just got me thinking, if I had to replace the tranny, why not go with an A/T while I'm at it. I had visions of this thing being a cruiser, not a hot rod.

I'll do some measuring tomorrow, and see where I stand.

As to the "mystery" 3-speed tranny, anyone care to hazard a guess what it came off of? Is there a resale market out there for a this rig?

Thanks so much for your time, I really do like this car, and would like to bring her back to at least some of her past self.

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I think what beoweolf meant for you to understand was that it probally came with a 3-speed manual trans with the shifter on the column. Someone moved the shifter to the floor.

The car didn't come from the factory with the setup that you have.


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Finding all the factory clutch pedals, linkage for a Big Ford is difficult, most of them that you find are junk, patched together from whatever and where ever you can. To find an unmolested factory set up is rare. The floor shifter is easily changed, no idea of how long it has been in the car, but it probably could use adjustment, if not rebuild or replacement. Nothing lasts forever.

I think one of the reasons most guys go the automatic route when restoring or build a street cruiser out of these Galaxies and Big Fords, is they can't find the change-over parts. Even worse if you are putting in an engine that either didn't come in that year or is not as popular as the FE motors that made them famous in the old days.

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Ahhh, gotcha now. I think you have talked me into keeping my manual.

Anyone happen to know if I do the normal bolt-ons (headers/offy intake/cam/4bbl carb) if the 3 speed will hold up?

While I'm at it, can anyone recommend a nice aftermarket floor shifter? Do they usually come with their own linkage?

Sorry for the question bombardment, it's your guys's fault for answering them so well

Oh and by the way Beoweolf, I love your signature.
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The trans is the same as used on the V-8 cars. However there are stronger three speeds that will bolt on. The trans will hold up good if you don;t speedshift it. Also, make sure that it is fully in gear before letting th clutch out.

I have torn out a lot of 2nd gears by speedshifting and they did not go all the way in gear. When 2nd gear goes it usually takes out the cluster gear and synchronizers..
Find a top-loader 4 speed to put behind your I-6. You will have to find one with the correct tailshaft housing that will place your shifter through the same hole in your floor.

I swapped out a 3 speed to a 4 speed in a 66 Falcon a few years ago, everything matched up, driveshaft yolk, trans-mount, speedo cable, etc.
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