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Looking for specifications...

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Does anyone know where to find the specs online to overhaul a C4, or do most of you own C4 manuals... Can you recomend a good Shop Manual for overhauling a C4?

I'm a Ford tech, but our old shop manuals are lost, torn, and overall junk. I am a trans. tech, but I still have some C4 questions...

We're building it for a daily driver/Part time offroad Bronco 351. based off what i've read here, i'm going with Bulkparts overhaul kit with red eagle frictions, a kevlar band, leaving the rigid band, PA H-Servo, PA pan (are these deeper?), PA dipstick and tube, and stock valve body.(the shift kit it had tore up u-joints) I'm also going to drill the rear oil passage for the rear bushing.

it's a early pan fill style, based on the year bulkparts says it takes a screw in vacuum modulator, non-adjustable, is this correct?

Any help you can provide would be great!! My buddy has built one and gave me some tips, but i have these few questions still to be answered. THANK YOU!!
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Well, the last time his u-joints went out, he needed the truck, so he drove it in 4 wheel drive, just front axle, and under medium accelaeration it was barking 35" Mud terains in 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. so when it's trying to shift firmly with those big BFG mud terains, I think it's just too much. also it would be just for daily driving as when you get it off road it will probably be in manual 1st. so i know shift kits are easier on the clutches, but i think factory performace here will be better. unless anyone has found that factory shifting extremly wear the clutches faster than having the mildest shift kit.


it has a screw in modulator i forgot to note that.

And I will make sure I get a deep sump filter, thank you.

I'm going to read that thread and see what i can find. clearances in the clutch packs is really what i was looking for, and how to adjust the band nuts.

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thank you for the help, i will look into that shift kit, and thanks again for the clearances!!
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