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Well, the GT has power windows & locks, some have power gas filler door, electric hatch release, better suspension (stiffer springs, bigger sway bars, etc), limited slip 7.5" rear, etc.

LX's were basically the lower class of the Mustangs. No power anything, smaller sway bars (but they ride pretty decent)..and in '85 (maybe '84 as well) the LX automatics were EFI--actually throttle body injection or central fuel injection (all the same thing). They don't mod very well compared to MAF or even the later speed-density systems.

But, the LX's are supposedly lighter. I can't confirm that, but it makes sense. The coupes are even lighter from what I'm told.

I've got an '85 LX 5.0/AOD hatchback that needs a new home and some TLC. Maybe someday the right buyer will come along. Doesn't run too bad, it ain't a hot rod, but it ain't a slouch either.
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