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MAF meter/PCM calibration

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Well I am in the middle of planning a mass air conversion for my 1991 F-250 5.0 5spd. THere is one question I have not seen addressed directly.

I notice that all PCM's, and MAF meters have a four character code, like 0L14, 9B10, 1A30, etc. I have heard that this is a calibration code of some sort. Is it important to match a computer to a MAF meter? Or will everything work fine as long as they are both expecting 19lb injectors?

Also, could I take it a step farther, and use a MAF meter for a 1995 f150, which bolts up nicely to the air box, with a Mustang computer?

I am sticking with the Mustang computer because it is my impression that they have a higher performance tune than one from a 1995 f150 would.
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I am planning the same conversion. I also had the same concern with the mass air flow sensor and using one from a '95 f150. Let me know if you find anything new about this issue. I am still looking into it myself.
If the expected voltage readings are the same, it should work. What I mean is Ford often changes sensor voltages from year to year. A good example of this is DPFE sensors. Older ones look identical but one may need to read .50 volt and the other may need to be 1.00 volt. Get "Reference Values" for each MAF you have and compare. You can get these from a Ford H manual.
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