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In this article, I will show you how I made my own radiator mounts.

I made the lower mounts first since they would bear the weight of the radiator and set the radiator height.

I set the radiator in the car to mark the position of the the lower mounts, I also positioned it as far to the driver side that I could (for fan to water pump pulley clearance). I had existing holes in the strut rod supports that I wanted to use. I marked on the radiator lower frame where the mounts would have to go.

The lower mounts are alum. Strap bent into an L shape. I drilled the front edge of the lower radiator frame and used 10-32 stainless bolts and lock nuts to attach the brackets.

I had to position the radiator as low as possible for hood clearance with the radiator cap due to moving the radiator to the driver's side, hence the rear lip of the lower frame being bent inward to clear the strut rod supports.

I used stainless screws to attach the bent over rear frame to the L brackets, just to strengthen the mounting and spread the load.

Test fit of lower mounts without shroud in place.

On to the upper mounts. First I used a steel rule to measure the dimensions I needed to form the upper mount/cover, and drew a crude diagram. I made the upper the same width as the upper radiator frame width.

Next step, try it poster board and see if it works. I cut the poster board to size, then used my brake to bend it to shape. This is an easy shape to bend. Search the net for alternate ways of bending sheet-metal without a brake.

Check the fit. I am mounting the front edge to the lower lip of the top of the radiator support.

Once the fit is verified, bend up some aluminum! Use the dimensions from the poster board template and mark up the aluminum sheet. If you cut about a 1/4” too large as a rough cut, it is easier to get a smooth final cut when using snips. The thin waste strip curls up instead of warping the larger piece of sheet-metal that you intend to use.

Here is the aluminum sheet taking it's final form.

Final shape and time to smooth the rough edges and round the corners.

I drilled and tapped the rear lip of the upper radiator frame to attach both the back of the upper radiator mount as well as the top of the shroud. The lower lip of the top of the radiator support is also drilled and tapped for the front of the upper radiator mount.

I already had bolts going through the top of the radiator support, so I used the holes there to gain access to installing the bolts on the front of the radiator bracket.

If your radiator is sitting higher than mine, you could also attach the upper bracket to the top of the radiator support.

Fan to water pump pulley clearance.

The finished product, not too difficult to do, and looks good in my opinion.



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