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i have the baer bump kit and i hear a slight creeking noise, everything looks fine just wondering if anyone has heard this? it is barely noticeable but i listen hard for safety. no scores on the spherical joint, and its only been on for 3 months with very little driving. the noise is only there when i am on certain road crowns, so its not always there.

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Although I'm not a big fan of Baer, I sincerely doubt
that the bumpsteer kit is the source of the noise.
You'd see something from the control arms and ball
joints long before a spherical bearing or rod end started
to make noise. If the lower arms are stock / use a stock
ball joint, you might want to pay particular attention to
lubrication. The tendency of the grease is not to go to
the right place in the lower ball joint, when you hit it
with the grease gun. Unloading the balljoint will assist
by taking the ball slightly off the seat, allowing grease
to go where it's needed.
Just another possibility for you to check out.....
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