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matching numbers

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I have a 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 with a 390 motor. Trying to see if I have a matching numbers car. Can someone help me as to where on the engine block I can find the number. Would the number also be on the frame somewhere? Appreciate any help!
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No such thing as matching numbers on a Ford. The best you can do is "period correct", meaning the engine/transmission were manufactured during the same time frame as the body. The body has the VIN in 3 places, the door plate - on the drivers side firewall - under the front fender on the drivers side. My 67 had a motor and transmission with a 73 casting number on the block, heads, intake and tranny. Not period correct.

Don't worry about it, unless you have an R code or something really rare it won't add to the value. Just drive it and enjoy the car.
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