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I know my setup is not exactly stock for front suspension or brakes or.. whatever.. But let me explain what I have and if anyone could chime in with experience I would appreciate..

I have a 63 Wagon.. It has a Total Control Products coil-over setup with the Granada disk brake mod. Currently running 15x7 Crager SS with 4" offset.

But when I did the TCP mod it dropped the front like 3". and the placement of the wheel was close to the outer upper fender lip. I am not sure my 215.60.15's would have worked. The alignment was not done when I noticed there was going to be a problem, so I swaped the fronts to 195.50.15

I know a few people who said they are running 17's on their wagons. One guy said he even cut a few coils from his spring to lower it. Mind you that was factory setup.

Im looking at the front and thinking if I get a deeper offset like 5" then I could put some meatier tires back on to make it ride.. Well not like a race car. But I have a question/concern. I know the 17" will clear all the disk stuff because my 15" does.. But.. I am concerned about the spindle/steer linkage thing. I know I could go with a 17x7 with 4" but I want to go with a 17x7 5" offset (or something more than 4") to bring the tire more into the car to clear the fender lip.

My Question is has anyone been down this road. What was your result. What is maximum offset I can get away with before I hit the steerlinkage.

I am looking at some American Racing wheels in 17". So before I go drop $$ on something want to see what you guys have done..
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