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What I thought was a 9" Has the hump One dimple no fill plug in the back, Fill plug in front and can't get to the lower bolts with a socket. No taper on the ends of the case.

But the Third member only has horazonal ribbing like the 8". It came out of a 72 F-100-- 6cyl-- Pickup.
So What kind of morphidite do I have

OOPS I think I answered my onw quetion I gust went and looked at the tag it reads
8 or 3 .70 8.7 302 A
So I'm thinking its an 8 3/4" instade of a 9"
am I right..
After further study of the Tech dept on rear ends I see I have a 9" housing suporting an 8 3/4" ring gear with 3.70 gears. and I'm guessing 28 splin axle's .
So can I put a rugular 9' track lock 3rd member with 31 spline axle's in it.

61 Merc. Comet, 200 3spd.
1964 International 4door, short box W/466

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Thanks Mike
I was talking about using a 9" track lock in it ... So It is a 9" housing right with just an 8 3/4 ring gear. so the switch wouldn'd be a prob. It could be done with a 9" pumpking and 31 splin axle's?
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