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Thanks Kemp!! Sorry i didn't make it in sooner! Been wearing the tires out on the little stang. Once the kid knows how to drive it i probably won't be allowed to drive it anymore!! Durn!! There is a post in the garage with a couple pics of the stang that were in the ad. I took a couple pics myself but can't remember if i put them on the computer or if they are still on my phone. Duhhhhh

Gary, this is before it got hit, see that cannon??? ;)

There was a car show at the end of Sept and Lance Lamber of the Vintage Vehicle show was going to be taping. They can't get away from those beat up cars cause we find a way to sneak into the picture!! Below is from the tv show, i paused it and took the pics. The car on one side of me was a really nice Z28 as far as Z28s go and the other side of me, my friend's '57 210 belair clone and in both the shotrod snuck into the picture! See, behind every good GM there is a great Ford! And parked where i was i guess is one way to get my car on tv! lol

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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