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I recently blew the C4 in my F150 so I dropped the transmission out and have it ready to haul to the transmission shop. I thought I had noticed something strange on my starter when I pulled it so I went back under there to look again. The edge of the gear teeth appeared knocked down so I looked at my flexplate and the starter ring was cracked and about to come flying off. I could see daylight between the ring and the plate for a good 6 inch section of the thing.

I feel like I dodged a bullet on that one. I tend to drive this truck like some sort of hot rod a lot of the time so it probably wouldn't have been pleasant for that to let go up at 100 miles an hour or more.

I did not have a spare reinforcement ring and there wasn't one when I rebuilt the engine. I don't know if that may have contributed to this or not but I ordered one to go with the new flexplate.

The expensive, new, blue 1 piece oil pan gasket leaked down both sides so I went back to the old tired and true cork and rubber ends. I actually have managed to put it on without having to lift the engine up. Having the tranny and flexplate out of the way helped a lot. Maybe it will seal up now because I'm gooping that thing with red silicone on both sides. My oil pan is not new and I think I need some extra forgiveness in the gasket seal.
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