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I bought the MSD Blaster SS coil (part number 8207) for my '64 Falcon wagon. It is a nice compact coil that delivers 40,000 volts of spark, brass terminals, and a Rynite housing. It comes with rubber isolators that allow it to mount to the inner fender wells or radiator support. I did not like the fact that I would end up with a very long coil wire if I were to mount it to the fender wells. I decided to build a mount that would allow the coil to mount on the drivers side cylinder head allowing a shorter coil wire. I mounted the coil on a 351 W, but he procedures shown will work on any Ford engine family by drilling the appropriate holes.

I measured between the holes to determine the size of material needed:

I used a piece of 2" x 4" x .120" rectangular tubing and cut an angle piece out of it using a cut off wheel on my ever present 4 1/2" angle grinder:

The holes that would mount it to the head are marked and drilled:

A test fit showed that it fit well:

Some profiling and trimming made the bracket look more streamlined and not like it belongs on a tractor:

The coil is lightly clamped to the bracket, and a transfer punch is used to mark the mounting holes, and the holes are drilled:

The coil is mounted via the rubber isolators and the job is done:



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