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Here is a post for your favorite Musclecar memories.

I have about 5-8 good street racing stories from years ago that I have seen or been in.

The first one was in the year 1985 when I was a junior in high school.

There is a major U.S. Hwy that runs through my city where all the hot action was going on back then.

Its name is U.S. Hwy 100,but we called it either "Hwy 100" or "the Highway" back in those days.

It was always a fun time back then,lots of cool cars and racing going on.

Me and the guys from my school were kinda known back then for having some of the fastest cars there.

We had about 12 cars in our group and had real fun every night cruising,racing and hanging out.

One night we were in my friends 67 Fury II 4-door South Carolina Police Package car.

It was 440 cubic inch mill that he had gone through with a "Six Pack" cam and intake set up.

It had only 2.73 gears in it though so it wasnt much off the line for races.

When we put the "Six Pack" carbs and intake on it we could not get the "Coyote Duster" air cleaner to clear the factory air conditioner set up,so we had to run some small round chrome ones on it.

We even ran it with no hood for a while until we got pulled over by the cops and hasseled.

It was a pretty fast car for the most part?

We would surprise alot of the more known musclecars out there with it.

We had one real cool race with it against a 70 Nova with a built 400 small block motor.

We had been kinda following the Nova for a race most of the night,but very few guys took the Fury II seriuos far a race.

He finally did race us and here is how it went.

We started from a roll about 25-30 mph,it was definatly in the Furys favor with its 2.73 gears!

We held even to about 60 mph until my friend decided second gear would be nice to use!

When we shifted to second we pulled away about 1 car leanth lead.

Im sure the guy felt pretty stupid getting pulled on by a ugly ass 4-door Mopar!

The race it thought was over at that time but the Nova guy kept on it to try pulling back up?

My friend held on too,until we past 110 mph!

The Highways speed limit is only 40 mph,so we were definatly over the limit alot!

We only gained more of a lead as the speeds rose to over 100 mph.

The race was over,we won it pretty easy.

The guy in the Nova was pretty nice about the outcome of the race,we paced along side him after to talk about the outcome with him.

He said "holy **** that car really goes!" and then asked what it was running?

We sometimes told other guys out there it had a 318 4-barrel,It was my freinds idea and I just went along with it I guess?

But we told the Nova guy the truth, I said "30 over 440 with the Six Pack cam,intake and carbs":D

He was cool about getting beaten,but the talk with him turned quickly when a "unmarked Caprice" police car pulled nexted to us in the third lane!

I saw then and told my friend "dude cops!" and all of the sudden had a rush of cold feeling all over?

I think it may have been adrenalin?

I thought we were busted for sure this time,we only had a temp tag on our car so I though the cop would pull us over and let the Nova guy go?

The cops just paced both cars for about a block and then we decided to do a u-turn and head back to other way.

The cops kept with the Nova guy while we were making our exscape away.

We scooted home and grabbed my 66 Galaxie to head back and see what happened to the Nova?

We saw him pulled over at the local "Red Carpet" bowling center with three cop cars around him.

He had gotten busted bad!

The nexted day at work I was telling our street racing story to the guys,and one kid I worked with said "dude that was your friend and you in the Fury?" I said "yes why do you ask?"

He said "that guy goes to my high school with me and he lost his licsence in the race with you guys!"

I felt pretty bad for the kid,they got him for alot of stuff that night and we got way free.

I dont know how much of the race the cops saw that night,but it must have been strange to see a huge tan ugly 4- door Mopar blowing by at over 100 mph!

I wonder if when the cops were "scoping" us out after the race,they decided to pull the Nova over because they thought the tan Fury couldnt have been the car going that fast with it?

We will never know I guess,this story has filtered down in street racing history on Hwy 100,it was the night the big bad 4-door 440 powered Mopar made a statement!

The nexted year we graduated high school,the car was sold to a kid who put 4.10 gears in it and street raced it for a little while.

It ended up getting totaled in a real bad accident while parked on the street.

The guy pulled the motor and probably did nothing with it to this day?

We had to make out are most found memories for our senior yearbooks pages to have from each student.

I was sitting back thinking....what memory from my high school days sticks the most with me?????.....I got it!..I wrote.."I think the most remembered time will be going 110 mph on Hwy 100 with my friend!

Those days are long gone now,I dont street race anymore at all,I guess I have grown up alot since then?

I hope you liked the story,its a local legend around here,and now you know "the rest of the story...good day!"

You guys got any good stories?

Come on you must?


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Had a buddy that thought his charger was really fast. So one night I figured that I'd put him back in his place. We were out crusing the strip and pulled up on a trans-am. My buddy not knowing his cars very well thought it would be a good match. As we got to the light I looked over and it was a 60 year old man and his wife out for ice cream.
I looked the car over and it was a 400 4 speed car. I gave the old guy the nod and he smiled, handed his wife the ice cream and we lined em up. that T-A had us by 3 car lengths. When we got along side again, I smiled and gave the old man the nod again. He smiled and went back to his ice cream. My buddy was pissed. "You set me up for that didn't you?" I told him the truth and we both laughed for hours.

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Ok, I'll play...
Well when I first got my mustang, this one guy I know Jerry had a black el camino. Anyhow, he was talking about how no one could beat it and that him and his dad did a whole bunch of work to it. I knew who his dad was, and I knew that he had the knowhow to build a mean machine.
The el camino was flat black, and had some large tires that stuck out past the wheel wells. I had two of my buddies with me, and jerry had his GF.
One night I seen him out on main and I had to see how quick this monster was. I whipped into a parking lot to turn around and chase him down. I cought up to him at the turn around street and flashed my lights to get his attention. We arranged to go to a side street and see what happens.
The street is only a few blocks long but that's enough distance to prove a point. We lined up and the deal was I would count down from three. Three, two... I see his tires spin, and I punch it. The stang jumps out in front, and I just kept pulling away. By the time all things were said and done I had an eazy 4 cars on him. We pulled off to the side to talk, and he was going off about how he couldn't belive I beat him. He demanded I open the hood, and when I did he seen a 2bbl motercraft carb, and just a stock but fine tuned up engine. I even showed him the single exhaust, and that just fueled his frustration even more.
My car at the time wasn't even quick. I'd say a mid 15 second car. I just goes to show some things are not as bad as they seem.

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I remeber when I was in livermore, coming home from sacramento where I just picked up a set of heads from a machine shop there. I was at a stoplight, and there was a first gen camaro, there, and a ugly honda crx. I wasnt gonna really race, just goin, and the camaro punched it, so I punched and then the funniest thing, the crx punched it too! We ended up goin 65 on a 35 limit street. It was pretty close, I had the cammaro by half a car length, and the crx by about 3 lengths. Me and my friend just cracked up at the sound of that crx, sounded like a big weedwhacker. I did race my dad once out in the desert, got my ass handed to me on silver platter. I knew that would happen anyway, he's got a 98 vette. Fun car. He even let me drive it once.

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Here is one from 1986. We are out cruising my friends 1970 Cyclone Spoiler 429 CJ C-6 car at the local street race hang out called "Hwy 100."

We had just had the car only a couple days at this point, but were ready to find some races.

There were two guys who we knew of at the Highway with real nice show quality 69 Firebirds.One was a yellow convert with a 400 tri-power 4-speed,and the other was a blue hardtop with a 455 dual quad 4-speed.

The Spoiler was a mid 14 second car on the stock tires,but felt faster with all the low end torque it had.We had been looking to race one of the the Firebirds that night,and the blue hardtop was the one we hooked up with to race.

I was thinking that the Firebird was going to be able to beat us pretty easy?

It was built up pretty nice,and had 4.10s and a 4-speed.

We got nexted to him and dropped the cars down to about 20 miles per hour.I then told my friend "just do your best to hang with him" and then the race was on!

We had the lead right from the start,I was thinking he was going to pour it on and blow by us any second,but he never did gain on us at all?

We held the race to about 70 -80 and then backed off.He wanted to go again,so we did and the same thing happened!

We ended up going three times and won them all by quite a bit!

After the races were over,we drove by the local burger stand to see all the crowd waving and chearing for the Spoiler.

I remember my friend Kyle in peticular standing off by himself giving the "thumbs up" to us and saying "good race guys!"

For some reason I will always remember this race and the way Kyle looked at us and smiled that night?

I found out the nexted day at school that Kyle had died of a heart attack in gym class.

I think its kinda cool to have our Spoiler race and win be the last race Kyle ever saw................he was a real cool kid........I miss him......

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A lot of guys in my high school had musclecars. One guy had a really nice '67 GTO that was pretty fast and he street raced it. One day he was driving along one of the main roads doing about 100 and when he got home, his dad told him he had to sell the car. It seems his dad worked for a car rental company or something and was always driving a different car. This guy passed his dad hauling a** and he didn't even know it! His dad sure knew who that kid in the maroon GTO was!

I can remember looking in the parking lot in high school and seeing great cars too. A '66 Mustang with a built Boss 302 (not too common in 1982), a 1970 Olds 442 convertible. a '73 340 Roadrunner, a '69 Charger, a '70 AMX, a 71 GTO convertible, a '71 Torino GT convertible, Fairlanes, Darts, Cougars, Coronets and so many others I can't remember. Somebody even had a Boss 302 sitting in their yard rusting away that was just getting stripped for parts. If we only knew.:)

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JohnnyRay, is that really you??? Good to see ya again. How are ya?

Saw this post and thought Dynotom posted today? The saw it was from 2001 so worked my way up to the last poster.

Blown68, boy I bet that kid was not a happy camper! Then again neither was dad!

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I have several race stories but this is the best one because it involves dusting a TA 6.6. My uncle sold his 72 LTD, Black 4 dr (gangster car) to my friend. This car had a 429-4V. My other buddy had a 81 TA/6.6 and thought it was the hottest thing around. Well the one Sunday we had nothing better to do, and my freind with the LTD kept trying to convince everyone that his car could haul A$$. So we thought for a laugh, the LTD should go up against the TA, so we went. About 4 of us got out of the cars at the finish line and both cars headed to the start line with one arm dropper. A few minutes later we can see the noses of the cars lift, and here they come. As they got closer they appeard to be tied, the Black car though bigger, appeard smaller and the White TA though smaller appeared bigger, so it looked as though the TA was well ahead. Not long after that the LTD blew by us and the TA was about 4 car lenghts behind. Race two the TA guy took his friend with him to ride along, result 2 was about 4 1/2 lenghts and we were rollling on the ground laughing and about pi$$ing ourselves. The TA guy saw us and just kept going into town. About a week later the TA guy would finally talk about it and claimed that he started out in 2nd gear by accident, both times. Yeah whatever, but the Black LTD was feared by everyone after that. Way to go "Big Blue". I tried to find that car last year, but Dad said it went to a wrecker out west, too bad.

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Ok been reading these stories and really enjoying them so I will tell one of my own. At a local hang out when we would all leave we would race occasionally and this night a chevelle about a 1971 wanted to race me. Here we go down the road and upon arrival of the first light I won by several lengths. He wanted to race again and so we were off when the light turned green and again I won. Now at the next light I was suppose to turn left, but after repeated egging on I decided that seeing how there was not another light for miles I would do one more race and really show this guy his car was slow. I mean when you are winning this easy it is enjoyable, and you wonder how much embarasement this guy will take. Off for the third time and we let them stretch out. Won again and now we were in downtown and stopped at a redlight and then another. I heard a siren and I know this is a [email protected]%$ thing to admit but remember thinking here comes an ambulance I better get off the road. Now, I look up ahead and see about 4 cops turn their cars sideways and block the road and about this time see cops coming from the left and right. Youth is sometimes ignorance as it crossed my mind now that someone was in trouble. Looked in the rear view and see a cop pull up behind the chevelle and realized someone was in trouble and it was me. The chevelle pulled over at the gas station on the corner and I thought I would ease away and maybe they did not see me---wrong. I pull over and get out and was immediately told loudly to get in my car now! Look in my side mirror and see cops sneaking up the side of the car as if I was going to shoot out of the window and told me to lower my window and get my id. I asked if I could get out and was told slowly and when I emerged I asked jokingly what was amatter they did not like racing. Seems the cop behind us was on the side of the road hiding and radaring facing the opposite way we were going and 128 in a 35 was a bit fast for him. He had to turn around when traffic permitted and started to chase us only we were so far gone we did not see or hear him. He thought we were running so called in a chase and this explained the other cops at the light and the road block ahead. The guy in the chevelle like an eight year old told the cops I started it and my reply was that did not matter at this point we were both guilty. Man I do not know why maybe because we admitted racing and upon further thinking realized we were telling the truth about not knowing of the pursuit, but in the end we received a ticket of only speeding and it was written down to a 70 in a 35. They explaned over and over how gracious they were being and we could be taken to jail and this was the maximum speeding ticket without loosing our liscense. I can remember the cop chasing was new to the force and his hands were shaking from the so called chase. His pen quite writting in the middle of the ticket and asked to borrow one from another cop. The other cop snatched his pen a commenced to chewing his a&$% out for not using a qoute "department approved pen that would transfer thru the carbons". He loaned him his and I expected by the amount of chewing some super special writting untensile but pulled out a bic biropoint. After an hour and a half I am now off to the house thinking close call and the parents will never find out about this. 4 am in the morning I am awakened by my parents that I have a phone call and to pick up. It was the cop asking me to meet him the next day as he forgot to have me sign my ticket. Parents asked who it was and I replied just a friend--busted he identified himself to my parents and told some of the story. The only thing my dad did was asked one question----Did you win?
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