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Dear friends

I'm from Italy and my 1971 Cleveland 351 2V H code Stang with FMX Turn O Matic transmission, has the following problem.
After 30 minutes, when the engine is hot ( the temperature arrow in the middle ), suddently the car stop and the water goes out from underneath.
The mechanic changed the carburetor, sparks, valves, pistons and told me that I need to redo the engine. Since here in Italy there aren't good mechanics expert in American V8 I think that they are trying to joke me. The car used to be perfect and used to run perfectly also now the engine runs perfectly, but suddently as I told you, when the engine reach the normal temperature, the car stops and I have to wait that the engine is cold. Do you think that could be a problem of thermostatic valve or temperature sensor ?

Please help me

Thanks in advance

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