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I have a 65 Falcon 4 Door wagon. The PO put what he called a Mustang - maybe the same year 65?? Dash in the dash of the Falcon. I think the Falcon came with a long flat speedo cluster and the mustang has Round spedo and gauges. It doesn't look bad - but not sure it is fitting in the Dash correctly.

Wonder if anyone has seen or has this "trick" dash and what was needed to get it to fit correctly in the 65 Falcon dash?? The spedo works and the gas gauge works but I'm not sure how accurate it is. The oil/water/volts are all on an under the dash 3 gauge set up- looks like manual water and oil pressure and standard 2 wire 12V Volt gauge.

Just wondering if the trick was because the stock set up was missing and they used this to fill the hole?

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