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MY 408 build is under way.

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It may cause a divorce but I am finally getting my 408 project under way and I can't wait till it all comes together.

Headers, carb, manifold, cam and lifters are all here. Still waiting on the rotating assembly, heads, and converter.

The final result will be 408 ci from a 1979 351w block .030 bored, typhoon manifold (similar to EDLBRK performer RPM, Holley 750 dp, Comp cams hydraulic cam 236-241 at .050 and 554-550 lift with 110 LS, ProComp heads or AFR 205, Crane roller rockers, Duraspark II ignition with MSD 6 box, Eagle forged crank, Eagle H-beams, Probe forged 19cc dished pistons, neutral flex plate and balancer, C4 with a 3500 stall converter and Transgo shift kit, Crites headers with 1 ¾ primary and 3.5” collectors, 3” exhaust through a set of Dynamax or Flowmaster mufflers.

I probably forgot a few things but that's because I'm excited.
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My wife is crazy about the whole thing. She wrenches on the car and drives it(including dozens of passes on a real dragstrip). Only prob is I need another car now!

Love the Falcon. Love the old stuff. I think the our second car has to be an "old" one. Your Falcon should be a real rocketship with the Stroker. My progress is slow. But a stroker is in the furture. keep us up to date!
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Wow. Good info.

Good luck....keep us informed
looking good. Maybe you could go down to the low elavation track at Sacramento and run with the ford guys. Maybe get a free T shirt?
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Aaaaaaaawesome. up

glad to here you got it running. Hope you still have some skin left....and sanity.
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