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MY 408 build is under way.

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It may cause a divorce but I am finally getting my 408 project under way and I can't wait till it all comes together.

Headers, carb, manifold, cam and lifters are all here. Still waiting on the rotating assembly, heads, and converter.

The final result will be 408 ci from a 1979 351w block .030 bored, typhoon manifold (similar to EDLBRK performer RPM, Holley 750 dp, Comp cams hydraulic cam 236-241 at .050 and 554-550 lift with 110 LS, ProComp heads or AFR 205, Crane roller rockers, Duraspark II ignition with MSD 6 box, Eagle forged crank, Eagle H-beams, Probe forged 19cc dished pistons, neutral flex plate and balancer, C4 with a 3500 stall converter and Transgo shift kit, Crites headers with 1 ¾ primary and 3.5” collectors, 3” exhaust through a set of Dynamax or Flowmaster mufflers.

I probably forgot a few things but that's because I'm excited.
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A couple more pictures..

67 Falcon 2dr sedan, 351W, C4 w/2500 stall, 3.80 w/Detroit.

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youre making good progress,im looking forward to hearing how she runs
looking good. Maybe you could go down to the low elavation track at Sacramento and run with the ford guys. Maybe get a free T shirt?
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Putting the headers in and not enjoying it. My flesh on my hands is wearing thin.
My Crites headers are not very precision bent units. They hit everything from the block to the fire wall to the shock towers. Granted the interference so far is light, with exception of the fire wall interference on one tube, but nearly every tube hits something so far and I only have 5 through 8 installed.

I'm hoping to get enough time this weekend to at least fire the engine and break in the cam.
I have doubts that the radiator is going to be efficient enough for this motor and I may have to replace it with something if need be.
I see that there are aluminum radiators on eBay that are a direct fit so that is an option.
If anyone knows where I can get a direct fit aluminum radiator for a 67 Falcon with large capacity, please let me know.
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Got all the primary pipes in place and not only did the drivers side tubes hit everything but the collector hits the crossmember.

Passenger side was a breeze to install and not one pipe had to be dented, go figure.
Hope to have it running and broke in this weekend. I'll hopefully have some video also.
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Well gents, it runs and runs quite well!

No leaks or funny noises to speak of except for a small header leak.
I'm too beat to take video of it but I'll try to get something this weekend.
Should be able to test drive it by Friday once I get some small things taken care of.

I ended up with a return type fuel system with a Mallory 140 pump and 3/8" supply and return lines. The return line dumps into the fuel tank filler neck similar to what someone else posted a while back. Building this return type system ate up a lot of time but it works great.

My first impression is that it revs very quickly now compared to the old 351. This is probably due in part to the 9.5” converter. It also torques the body dramatically now.

I can’t wait to test drive the beast.
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Aaaaaaaawesome. up

glad to here you got it running. Hope you still have some skin left....and sanity.
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I'm working on getting a digital video camera for some video.
No worries, the skin will grow back and since I actuall got it running, my sanity has returned to pre-engine levels.

Since I first started it up it had a rattle coming from the drivers side. I originally thought it was another header leak but after pulling the valve cover off and checking the rockers, I discovered a rocker that I must have forgotten to adjust
. I adjusted it, put it all back together, and it works perfect.

Even with the old Falcon radiator and no electric fan it barely makes it up to 200dg. With the electric fan it stays at 180dg.

From the sound of this motor, I think a drivetrain upgrade and subframe conectors might be the next thing on the upgrade list. I guess I'll have to see how it goes.

67 Falcon 2dr sedan, 408W, C4 w/3500 stall, 3.80 w/Detroit.

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Drove it today and I'm very impressed with the torque. It revs to 6000 right now and doesn't want to stop.
The ******* 3500 stall converter does what it says on the box. Money well spent in my opinion.
No leaks, no rattles, just an awesome powerhouse engine in light little Falcon.
Finally I have my dream engine and now I'm going to enjoy it.

67 Falcon 2dr sedan, 408W, C4 w/3500 stall, 3.80 w/Detroit.

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What size headers are you running? I'm going to do a 408 build up myself. Nice work you've done!!! keep us informed.

Greetz John
I have the Crites 1 3/4" primary x 3 1/2" collector headers. The fit was great on the passenger side but the drivers side took some moderate denting to get them to fit. The headers can be disassembled for easier installation.
how much where the crites headers do you think they will work with my toploader and zbar in my 68 with a 351w.
cant to see some video of your car.
They list them as fitting manual or auto transmission and amnual or auto steering. They were like 290.00 give or take a few bucks.
I posted a video link in the all ford tech forum. Here's the link also.
Awesome! MORE PLEASE!!!! more! Maybe an idling shot from the rear corner...then burnout!! LOL ...COOL AS HELL! I watched it over and over. keep 'em coming...Sweet. I know your happy. Congrats! All your hard work has paid off.
I had absolutely no traction, infact I couldnt even stall past about 3000 without the rear wheels spinning. I think I need better brakes.
The first shot in the video was with the line-lock and no rear brakes so the wheels started spinning right off the git go.
I betcha it won't be long until you try getting it to hook you can feel the power you got! Maybe some drag radials!!! Keep us posted on all that you do, Im very interested on your progress and all you have acomplished thus far. Again...Great work. Feel free to send me ALL footage Please! [email protected]
im hoping to have something like this inbetween my fenders within next september. very VERY cool motor.

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Thanks again for the kind words.
Getting it to hook good is right after subframe connectors and installing my homemade caltracs bars.
Im just not ready to tub it yet though.

I noticed that my tire black marks had sort of a stutter pattern to them. I didn’t really feel a wheel hop but the evidence of some hop was apparent. My traction bars are definately a high priority.
67 Falcon 2dr sedan, 408W, C4 w/3500 stall, 3.80 w/Detroit.

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