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My '65

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Figured since I'm new, I'd share..

Weird story behind the car,

came from Quantico, VA, has Department of Defense Stickers on the windshield. 2Dr HT, dual exhaust, 15"x8" wheels, front and rear sways, originally 352 but thats long gone and dead, only one section of rust, no bondo. all floors/truck fine etc.

right now has a 385 series c6 and 460 but aren't connected, just sitting there... think im going to put my new 390 in it and a TCI tranny someone offered to sell me. its going to the paintshop soon and getting a nice coat of flat black. despite being such a nice relic and a good candidate for restore, its just going to be a rat rod for now.

The worst part of the car is its crappy white paintjob, whoever (the gov.?) painted it, did a bad job, used bad paint and oversprayed EVERYWHERE, especially all over all of the interior.

Just found a new stress fracture in my windshield today, can't imagine how it just showed up... pretty pissed...

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RAT ROD?? I always thought that flat black paint, red wheels, and postage stamp hubcaps was cool..
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