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My chevy pal drove it the yard just about the time his right fender started dragging from so much rust on that 57 belair.
What am I to do says he?
Well I have not got chebby parts but am sure that 57 fairlane sitting over there and with a torch and welder we can get them fenders on that 57 belair somehow.
After fenders we could not open the doors on that belair so off with the fairlane doors to ride that chebby. Still looked funny but doors opened well and he scooted right out the driveway.
Bout an hour , can you come pull this thing back to shop?
Well after fitting that 352 and tranny from fairlane in that chebby he was cruising the streets once again.
That chebby used so much gas no way that motor burnt that much when I cruised it. Yup he had put a screw in a piece of leather and wound it right up in that chebby gas tank where I said rusted through, naw he said hit a rock and bam hole leather and screw , no naw is rust I said
Back to that ol fairlane, was alittle big looking and new holes to bolt her in but chebby was very good on gas.
You know it is rainning in top of my door , what ya think? recon that 57 ford top will fit this chebby?
Donot see why not being the fairlane door is what is caused the problem in first place. May fit but take a while, yup am sure of it, close crack right up.
What ya mean someone ran right in the back of ya?
What I said, just sitting minding my own buisness lighting a cig and from out of nowhere bam.
Well does not look so bad if we remove that bumper dragging, rust just holding it on anyways.
MY QUARTER PANELS? Man I was planning on a restore on that fairlane but being you my pal I guess they will fit, donot know yet.
Want my taillights too? naw, yours will look funny on a belair and this red tape and pieces I picked up off highway will work fine, can I have the bulbs though?
Yup you my pal.
Whata ya mean you tried to get it inspected and they will not touch it?
Said my title wuz mixed up and those tailights someone put in are not correct for my belair.
So? what my taillights now ?
If you plan on not restoring ya fairlane I could use them, where is title to fairlane?
Should be in pocket of the fairlane, no wait you got it there when we changed the dash, should be in belair pocket I guess but I gota sign it I suppose.
Be right over.
You never told me what ya wanted for them fairlane parts I got from ya.
Bout 400 sounds bout right only if I can scrape chebby over there.
Well I wuz planning on a restore on that belair but but , well ok sounds like a good deal to me.
You sure ya donot wana buy that Etsel sitting over there?
Naw that thing is ugly and besides I never plan on driving a ford anyways, what my chebby pals think when I pull up to the creamery driving an Etsel?
Don't know but I trade ya Etsel for ya fairlane, what ya think?
Naw, but what ya want for that ol camaro sitting over there?
Well something I worked on a chebby guy never come to pay me so storage has eat her up and mine now.
Got a title?
Naw but I think I may can get one.
No wait here in this state we donot have titles anymore so ya should be fine .
Chebby belair for camaro?
Well , never owned a chebby streight out and true,said I would never drive one but am thinking.
Does the dice hangging on rear mirror come wif her?
Not really wish to get rid of'em but if you throw in that bucket of tools over there just in case that camaro breaks down I got some tools.
Sounds fair to me being I got'em and threw in that bucket when we took that belair apart ya lost in first place.
Well can I have'm back?
For dice?
Well sounds like a deal being you my pal........

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.....Dust forming all in workshop area as that camaro come sliding in. Rolling window down, do you see my cool add on this here ride?
I done added me a blown deal sticking out hood area there, ya see I goter blown?
Yup I can see ya blown her as ya pulled in dirt path way up there... Cool huh?
Naw I mean ya blown her.
Yup what I just said
Naw you see that there oil line leading from way back there? Ya blown her.
Yea she's blown .
Hitting on head with a rolled up paper , well ya got two blown deals working for ya, what about those wheels sticking way out on the rear?
Came off my cuzes ol truck , housing is about 10 inches too wide but gona make me a mud truck out of her. What I need is the front wheels welded somehow to match the rear.
If you go in that pile of wheels over there ya see the white ones on top? Yup
They came off a 2 ton duel axle chebby and if you get the match and turn them around they will stick out just about right , may have to torch them holes to line up.
Got a jack?
How come them wheels are awobble?,Not a wobble they moving forward and back couple inches, told ya to cut that hole not that one.
Well I be back later ,gota take moma to see doc over in townstead.
What's wrong wif moma?
She's stopped up if ya know what I mean.
Well just drive her around the block ,say about 30 mph a couple times wif that forward and back motion from dem 2 ton wheels on that chebby.
K, got a case of oil I can borrow?
Yup ya my pal.....

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Dat a chebby belair I see wrapped up under that cover?
Well aw, well wife says it pose to be a surprise and can't touch it yet, says bout 2 months ago she contacted dem overhaul guys on tv and had to go back and get'er and not finished yet
Looks like one I had, you scraped mine huh?
Yea, shes a goner
Dem guys fixeruper in 7 days wif no cost just the tv spot, what it cost?
Well says not gona finish her but only gota pay for 51 gallons of body puddy and wife says I gota come up wif say around 400 bucks before I can unwrap her. How's mama?
Oh she be fine, been eatting prunes she got wif them cue-puns at a deal now hooked on'em and nuttin eatable in cuboard , where ya gona eat at today?
Found ya prob on chebby ya gota stop using them 15 year old tires, see date on side? See those 2 big bubbles poking out that wuz ya wobble.
Thought ya said wuz not a wobble, I cut wrong holes.
Pizza left over from this morning but ya better hurry pit done may want another piece for long.
Well cuzes truck been sitting in weeds for long time now and says only 50 bucks for them all and thats whata mud truck runs , got any flappers laying around ?
Yup thought ya done painted her too one dem camaflodge colors.
Naw been mud dogging , what I need flappers for.These air shocks laying here?
Naw, came off a transfur , those are air bag lift thingys.
Gona use'em
Naw you can have'm and no not gona put them on
How long this pizza been sitting?
Don't know , from this morning, found 3 pieces left in chebby when I peeped under cover don't tell wife .
She gona eat it
Naw u can have it , bout peeping under cover, got 400 bucks I can borrow?
Maybe, depends on if mail has run, will go check wif moma, got keys to fairlane?
Yup in the belair pocket. Yup you is my pal....

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Bout time yousans got back, what mama say?
Bout what?
Bout 400 bucks, what ya left for, don't remember?
Naw , well kinda , got side tracked somewhat.
What ya mean side tracked?
Wife came home wif them 8 puppies she took to the vet. You know my pair hunttin dogs?
Yea, dem world wide known dogs you got chainned by the creek?
Yea dem dogs, well they are world wide known, hush, anyways. I was asking $5000 apiece for them puppies , done bargoned for sale of one but not happening now, vet screwedum up
How so?
Someone gona pay me $40,000 for them all I told woman that answered phone. They cannot even walk a log on a hunting trip now.
What walking a log gota do with vet?
Done cut their tails off, now I got a unballanced 8 puppies that is worthless, noone want a no tail hunting dog.
Well call vet , put'em back on
Done told woman that, said they got a 5 gal bucket full of tails and no telling which one went on my 8 puppies.
Well as long as they got tails no matter
Naw, a white tail on a black dog or a black tail on a white dog? You done lost your mind.
I gona get my lawyer and we gona sue
Well when ya get first check cut me that 400 you left this morning for, did you run all my gas out?
Naw gas tank leaking again
Do what
What I said, screw done came out
Naw we changed tank from fairlane to chebby or chebby...hey anyway you mixing me up, gas tank wuz fixed whatever it is in, I am cornfussed
Yea ya cornfussed more than that if you think you gona sell that chebby you put back together that was mine.
Naw, thats gone, man came with rollback, just left.
Uhhu I bet so, you got my mudcamaro fixed?
Yea it is way out yonder in middle of the field
Do what?
What I said, stuck way out there, open back door you see.
How you get it way out there?
Not me, your yungins said you said for them to come get it and they took off out that way,
I be back in a bit, geme keys to fairlane again.
Naw, you just watched me suck out gas from that tractor over there and pour in the tank, and no I looked, no leaks, you done driving .
Hold on mama's calling, do what? yea it was not for me, yea so you got 400? Be right there. Where keys?
Over there on tractor seat hurry back, you is my pal

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Hey? HEY?
In the back of the shop here getting big pipe.
What ya doing? and this you call a shop? I passed your home made heater and it is red hot, gona burn the cardboard on the ceiling. You gota stop putting wood if there or ya burn us down.
Naw, not a wood heater. see the bucket hanging in corner?
Well that is where I put all used oil in . See copper pipe running down to heater wif a cut off val?
Well when it gets cold I turn shutoff and bam, instant heat.
Well not cold
Yea I know, trying to run dem bumblebees out the rafters boring holes. Top gona come down, why ya got a trailer hooked to fairlane? been taking mama's trash off?
Naw, full of dezzel fuel I got for free at filling station up town. Two numbnuts filled their gas rv uo wif dizzel and I got 50 gals for free.
That what took you so long?
Naw, parts truck delivering parts to parts store dun turnned over going down hill and parts everywhere. Here keys to fairlane, I filled er up so ya hush.
What mama say?
Oh yea heres $ 31.32 lef over from 400. I done got a deal on over 50 gallons of body puddy what ya wanted 400 for. There is near $1000 worf of body puddy in fairlane. Got me milkshake wif sum.
You stupid nut, you stopped and blowed my money at that floozy woman shack, and you got that puddy off that parts truck.
Naw, naw, help me unload that dezzel drum. What ya got cooking on grill?
Told ya bull dog didnot kill possum last night, he was playing possum.
You cooking possum?
Naw you nut, possum got up from where you laid him on wood pile and last night he done chewed 2 heads off chickens in pen, got chicken on grill, get 2 buds out of fridge.
What ya gona do wif big pipe?
You gona place it under tractor and sit on one end to raise'er up so I can change tires around to plant garden.
Wheres floor jack?
Your yuggins lef it out there in field where they been jacking on mudcamaro.
Yea they washing it now. What plow say to tractor?
What I said.
dont know
Pull me alittle closer John Deer .
Hey you fill fairlane up wif dizzel fuel gas mix?
What I said it smoking
Naw thats heater. You can use dizzel to kill grass around shop, put sum in mud holes to keep skidders down and we use rest in heater.
Naw you better not put gas in heater.
How bout hiring me full time, and pay me cash, donot wana mess my unempoy check up.
Well put puddy on rack under oil can and $20 bucks a can after ya switch dem beers sitting done got hot.
Yea chicken good huh? You mad about dizzel in fairlane?
Naw it burn out, eat ya chicken, you is still my pal.......

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Hey donot feed the bull dog chicken bones.
Why I feed'em to mine and they fine and fat.
Cause his teeth are filed down.
What ya mean?
What I said, wife said ifin I gona keep him in house then he may bite her yorkie and so, filed teeth.
Thats a bummer
Yea also wanted know do away with his man hood.
Stop looking he is kinda funny about that.
You know we gota make some good money, spring is coming and we gota get race car going.
Yea we need to do somin or go somewhere to get famous.
What ya mean?
What I said, men done gone to the moon and they rich.
Do tell.
Yea we can goto the moon .
Naw they done been there, we gota go some place else.
How about we goto the sun?
Naw we burn up.
Naw...we go at nite.
You nuts, gimmy chicken leg.
Yea give Shelby one too.
What ya name her puppies?
Boss, saline, cammer
Cool, how much you gona pay me a week?
What you worth or what you do?
We talk about pay after we get that barn moved to shop, gona be nice to have another room for cars.
Yea how we gona move it?
Jack up, put the trailers under both sides , make a log tongue and chain it. Pull it with the tractor.
That tractor? I pull it with mudcamaro
Go get it and get some of them applejacks ya wife made and bring back ya yunkins tennis racket so we can kill these bumblebees flying around.
Gemmy keys
Naw how you gona drive both back? Run , only a couple miles.
K be right back

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My ribs are hurting.

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Be best if you get snatch rope instead of log chain.
Naw, I used snatch rope to tie log to room so I can turn at the corner of the house ifin we get that far.
Go easy to start....I SAID GO EA..So what ya gona do now? I told ya that bumper is not a place to tie, thats why I made a hook-up all the way up front and running to the back . You pose to hook to this clevis.
Well hook it there then, you never said that.
Hey she moving , give it alittle more gas.
I got no more gas told ya, she doing all she can do.
Dem big tires ...I tell ya latter just gas it.
Woohoo she gone now , faster got get up that hill and around house.
No donot stop keeper getting.
Hole , I said hole , thats good.
I saw that hole.
Naw, I said hole.
What I said , I saw the hole.
Just backer in some more, stop, ya mudcamaro be smoking.
Naw thats the flame thingy smoking. I ordered one dem flame pipe throwers and I hit the switch and cut her back off, that be smoking.
Naw the... never mind I goter unhooked, where that pipe we jacked up tractor?
On front of mudcamaro, told ya I need a front bumper for pushing and pipe I can add some concrete inside for weight, got another pipe for back?
Naw , I was gona use pipe to slip under room and slide it to building.
Hey I can still use pipe.
Gona take it off?
Naw gona push pipe to building and push room over with mudcamaro.
Just alittle more...STOP ya done got front end in room.
Naw, termites cause that. What we gona eat .
You always wana eat, back out of the room.
Yea and we gota talk about what ya said ya pay me a week.
I never said , only you said after we get room moved so really you have not started yet, I start ya time now .
Naw, I started when I put puddy under oil cans.
Naw you just unloaded the fairlane but I give you 400 a week starting right now.
Well you gona put my bumper back on?
Ifin you find another pipe.
Huh, so ya saying aw you gona charge me ?
Yup pipe not free, was in scrape pile I take to scrape yard and both pipes be 20 bucks.
Take it outa my money friday?
But you paying me starting now?
Then I get paid to put my own pipe on for bumper?
Aww well yea being you moved room.
Yea we got room for race car.
Yup you did good , you is a real pal.
Possum eat more chickin heads?

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You lock gate last nite Yea , thats what ya told me when we went to eat.
Well someone musta climbed fence .
Cause see race car?
Yea, always see race car.
Naw see windshield wipers gone.You get'em for mudcamaro?
Naw but now ya think about it , I got a string tied to each one ran inside vent and wife pulls one and I puller back when rainning. Mud dogging got mud all over windshield and had to puller real fast , near got in a wreck.
I am not gona ask, where wipers go?
Dog got'em.
What I said , see his prints on hood?
Dag , go look in dog house.
You see'em or you gona play wif puppies?
I got one , other gone.
Dag gone dog, you just paint circle around his eye?
Yea, spanky look, what that dog name on Spanky?
Help me push race car in our new shop area.
Got some wire and pliers?
Yea in bucket in mudcamaro. What ya need pliers for?
Wiper back on , what we talking about ? You fill up rear end with transmission fluid?
Yea but thats not a transmission but you is the payee so...
Naw I know that, see the trans fluid in rear end make it roll better and we gotta get race car one tenth faster to get in anutter class.
You say so,why we need wipers on race car?
You remember when ya cuz pulled race car last year with a chain?
Yea , he ran in ditch and we chained up and went in ditch wif'em
Yea , he was drinking and spinning wheels pulling and we sliding brakes , rainning , no wipers. Had to hang ma head out to see.Wipers
Oh , yea need other one on my side
We gona eat before we go ?
What ya mean naw?
What I said , we get some pig feet and crackers at race track when we get there.
K , we gona pull race car with mudcamaro?
Naw, we gona drive it, not far. You put that dizzel fuel in fairlane and so much smoke cannot see race car behind us .
Well when we were drawing circles at 4 way stop sign last week , around and around shifting gears we had alot of smoke.
Yea and when we stopped so much smoke cars lined up all 4 ways, hehe.
Can I drive?
Naw, you put dizzel in race car?
Naw put some of that corn drinking stuff in, bout a gallon.
K, ready to get a move on?
Yea, got jack?
Got battery charger?
Got air tank?
Got air checky thingy?
Get bull dog then , we set
That bull dog always go to race track?
Yea he love me better than my wife.
How so?
What I said. I locked him and wife up in trunk of race car one hot sunny day for an hour. When I let'em out he was jumping around, licking me and glad to see me. Wif was madder than....
hehe , he just glad to get out.
Go slow now , wif muflers off we get a ticket and be late to race track. Yea , glad you said so, we gona knock'em down tonight, glad you working at shop now, you is some pal.
Yea, let bull dog sit up front.

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Hehe , bulldog looks funny with that circle around his eye.
Naw , you get it off.
Done tried , he grawled at me
How far to race track? And when we going to a real race track?
You sure do ask alot of questions.
Why ya paint bulldog?
Cause he ate my helecopter.
What ya mean he ate ya helicopter?
What I said, I had it to run down them bumblebees at shop, just was getting the hang of that remote.
Ya catch one?
Not yet , it got ate, wuz gona run'em down and hit'em wif the blade.
Race track not far now, we gota a goofy kid to run the walkie talkie tonight.
What ya mean?
What I said. Only one way into race track and if'in law comes goofy kid bout 2 miles before race track and he can tell us when ones coming.
Thats a good plan
Yea and I near run over fat kid turnning on the flashlight last time.
We soulda got something to eat.Who we gona run first?
That chebby dude, I gota spot him.
Got 2 flashlights?
Naw I gota turn around backwards in other lane. When he takes off I gota go around and catch'em.
Hey bout 10 cars here, race track near bout full, where we gona park?
We not gona park, we up first, chebby dude already in line.
Hehe we gona spank'em good I tell ya.
Get mama's dish washing detergent out back of foot, it helps me turn around faster, dem slicks last time near threw me in the ditch.
You gona let me out at starting line?
Naw I going to other end and let ya off so when I go back I be headed in right direction in my lane., you best hold the bulldog good'en tight , he thinks he gota ride ever time.
That washing detergent work good ya say?
Yea the powder kind does, helps spin around and when I get turnned around it grabs the tires to the highway , you didnot get the bottle kind did you?
Naw , I am dumb but not plumb dumb.
K hold bulldog, this not take long and get on other side of the ditch so I won't run'em over when I come by.
What about me? yea you better get accross ditch too.

Whhhhhooo bulldog here they come!!!!!dag not but one set of headlights, where he go? there he comes!!!!wohhoo bulldog we gona catch'em for sure, wooohooo,
Why ya run in middle of highway ? I gotem I did.
Cause that chebby dude after ya beat him left and fat kid said he got our money and... whats that knocking?
Open the hood, dag there is a hole in side of block , get flashlight.
Dag you gota rod not moving so we done for!!
Naw get some rags to stop the oil from running out , we gota run again , we can beatem with 7 rods , she running good tonight!! Pour bout 9 quarts in and shut da hood, hold da bulldog , hehe he looks funny
Look bulldog we gota pocket full and we just getting started , I tell ya this is sum good racing .
Why ya backing up back here for, motor knocking too bad?
Naw , goofy kid said we got a blue light coming , get bulldog and get in.
Dag where them pig feet at ya said wuz here?
Fat kid sells em , we get something down at the creamery, we gota go.

This sum good fat hamburgers the creamery sells , they world known like my hunting dogs.
Yea , we near made it by skin of our teeth. Them other chebby dudes was backed up in path watching the race and throwing beer bottles out the window back down the path. They was landing on a law car backed up in before them.
Yea by the skin of our teeth
Yea some good hamburgers, give bulldog some french frys, you is a good pal.....

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What ya doing at the shop so early?
Not early, you late.
What I said, day light clock went up or down, did som'in so here I is.
Dag, why ya got a rifle ?
Not a rifle, bee bee gun.
And what?
You still asleep?
Naw, bee bee gun, bumble bees, I was leading one to the ground and done shot my mud camaro headlight out. What we working on today?
That driver's ed car over there, gota change oil. you do that and I pull pan off race car.
Who is Driver Ed?
Just change the oil

Somin not right here.
What ya mean?
What I said, this car got brake pedal on both sides, which side ya drive on?
Either side.
Dag just change the oil.
o.....k....the stearing wheel is loose , wana fix that?
Naw, said it was a driver's ed car, wheel moves to either side and brake pedel on both sides.
One of them cars huh? cannot make up their mind who wants to drive.
Pour the old oil in the bucket to, not in the ditch out back. And what ya do wif the money I won last night?
In my pocket, we gota split
Yea 3 ways
What ya mean 3 ways?
What I said, me , you and bulldog
Thats fair, he sure did have some fun huh?
I got oil changed , gona put some sausage on grill, want some?
Yea put a couple extra pieces on for bulldog....

You see that movie ol brother where are they?
Yea but thats not the name of the movie.
Excuse me ifin I don't talk durin gustation. What ya don't need is air in the conversation.
Hehe, THEY lit 'er up boys!
You lit the charcoal wif that dizzel fuel
yea , hehe it a burn off.
You is some silly pal...
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